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Richard Sturdevant Receives 2012 Grand Imaging Award for His Image, "Deadman's Hand" - PPA Today

Richard Sturdevant Receives 2012 Grand Imaging Award for His Image, "Deadman's Hand"

1080-1.jpgCongratulations to the winners of PPA's 2012 Grand Imaging Awards. International Photographic Competition jurors selected the top images in six categories from PPA's 2011 Loan Collection. First place winners in each category received a $500 cash prize. And Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., of Garland, Texas, this year's overall Grand Imaging Award winner (image on left), received an additional $500 award!

Electronic Imaging
First Place: Dwaine Horton, M.Photog.Cr., "Untamed World"
Second Place: Sandra Pearce, MEI.Cr., "Easy Prey"
Third Place: Ben Shirk, "Next Level"

First Place: Doran Wilson, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, "Glock Exo"
Second Place: Matthew Weston, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, "Visual Sound"
Third Place: Shterion Shterionov, Cr.Photog., "Dos Lunas"

First Place: Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., "Deadman's Hand"
Second Place: Goodhue, M.Photog.Cr., CPP "Endless Love"
Third Place: Nancy Bailey-Pratt, "Eager to Answer"


First Place: J. Luis Guardia Peinado, "Castle Bridge"
Second Place: Larry Spencer, CPP, "Leading to You"
Third Place: J. Luis Guardia Peinado, "The Bridges of Love"


First Place (Tie): Myeoung Hwan Rim, "A United Family"
First Place (Tie): Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., "Wicked"
Third Place: Joe Campanelli, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, "Bathed in Light"

First Place: Jennifer Hillenga, M.Photog.Cr., "Sometimes"
Second Place: Richard Carpenter, M.Photog., CPP, "Cowboy Down"
Third Place (Tie): Jerry Ghionis, "Wayne and Natalia"
Third Place (Tie): Mario Muñoz, M.Photog., "Kori and Patrick"

You can view a gallery of all the award winners on the Imaging USA Facebook page.

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