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Prepare to Succeed with Seniors at Imaging USA

jenkins_andrew_head_blog.jpgRunning a photography business is not as easy as it looks. Not by a long shot. You need photographic talent, a mind for business and numbers, the ability to wow clients during their entire experience and more if you really want to succeed. But the thought of what it takes to succeed isn't what draws us here. We come because of a passion for the art, and it's up to us to learn and grows the rest of the skills needed to thrive. Imaging USA is a great place to do this, thanks to instructors like Andrew Jenkins, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, who will be sharing what helped him succeed with his senior clients.

Building Success
Andrew remembers growing up in a town where one photographer photographed everything.jenkins1.jpg "Every time I saw him, he would take my picture and I would give him an envelope with money in it. I figured, hey...this guy must be rich!" Of course, it wasn't quite as easy as collecting envelopes with money in them, but he has thrived in his own way.

"Creating images that I know people cherish and enjoy having in their homes and sharing with their friends is thrilling to me," he says.

He loves working with people like that, which is why he chose to focus on portrait photography. Andrew's  first session was for a high school senior almost 17 years ago, and he has run his own portrait business (Canfield Jenkins House of Photography in St. Johns, Michigan) since he graduated from college with a degree in photography.

Like many, Andrew admits that his biggest challenge is setting himself apart from the competition. While earning awards like the Michigan Photographer of the Year (2005 and 2007) and being named one of the Top Seven Michigan Photographers has helped set him apart, he knows the real key is making sure clients have a great experience.  

jenkins2.jpg"That's why I not only meet their expectations, but also take it a step further," he explains.

Sharing That Success with You
Do you want to surpass expectations like Andrew does? Do you want to keep the high school senior portrait portion of your business thriving like his is? Then come early to Imaging USA for one of his pre-convention classes.

On January 13, he'll share what has helped him succeed in the senior business (from products to sales tips and more) as one of the speakers for the "Ideas & Imagery to Make Senior Profits Soar" pre-convention class. The following day, he'll be one of the speakers for the "Hands-On Photography: Family, Children & Seniors" pre-convention class. This class will be a hands-on shooting demo that will help you understand the simplest ways to light and pose high school seniors in the studio and on location.  

"You'll learn how to give clients a great experience while keeping the shooting as simple asjenkins3.jpg you can so you have more time to connect with them," Jenkins adds about the latter. So register for Imaging USA now to give your senior photography business a boost with his help!

Read more about Andrew Jenkins here. Read more about Imaging USA here. Pre-convention classes are available for additional fees.


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