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PPA's Declassified Class Track Survival Guide For Imaging USA 2017!

By Autumn Rice

There will be loads of fun, partying, and photo opps at Imaging USA 2017, but there are also remarkable learning opportunities. You will find dozens of class tracks at Imaging USA taught by fantastic professional photographers who want to share business-changing advice with you. These programs cover almost any photography or business topic you can think of. From Adobe Solutions to Wedding and Special Events, there's a session that's sure to pique your interest. Although classes are organized by tracks, we encourage photographers to attend any session, regardless of your respective specialties.

Some of the sessions during Pre-Convention are offered at additional costs, but they will provide you with even more insight and even hands-on instruction to help you improve the quality of your business. Pre-Con, as they are often called, range from half-day to 3-day workshops, and cover a wide range of highly specialized topics in business,  technique, and even Certification. Plus, there are shorter hands-on classes where you'll be asked to bring your camera and will get to practice the techniques you learn while in class! These additional classes take place from January 5-7.

You're in it for three or more days of photography mind-blown, and it's up to you to jam-pack your schedule with the best instructors and soak it all in! You're guaranteed to learn something new and you can be sure you'll even make new friends! 

Here are the 10 tracks offered at Imaging USA, and what they're about:

Adobe Solutions: As a photographer, you are probably familiar with Adobe's family of editing software, including Lightroom and Photoshop. But are you leveraging them for an efficient workflow? Or, if you only use the same few functions, how about delving in to take your editing to the next level? There are five Adobe-sponsored classes, designed for beginners and masters in mind.

Business: If you're looking to better your business with invaluable insights from your peers, look no further because the business track courses are sure to give you great perspective to help your business be more efficient, more knowledgeable, and more profitable.

Commercial Photography: This track is all about lighting and storytelling, fit for commercial photography. If you've ever thought about pursuing this field of photography, check out the classes in the commercial track.

Demo Classes: During these sessions you'll have the opportunity to learn through instruction and demonstration! After explaining the ins and outs of each topic, instructors will give you a first-hand example of their lesson in action. You'll learn exactly what to do, straight from the source. 

Drones, Drones, Drones!: Drones are the hottest new photography tool, and photographers need to know how to incorporate them into their business. The classes in this track are all about teaching photographers about drone safety, how to incorporate them in your business, and how to use them for professional photography.

Inspiration All Around: This track is all about inspiring photographers to recapture the essence of why they became a photographer. If you need a push in the right direction, the inspiration class track is perfect for you!

Photography Technique: These classes hone in on improving and refreshing the way that professional photographers pose, shoot, and light their sessions. This is a great way to brush up on the basic skills needed to make your business boom.

Portrait Photography: The portrait track covers the necessary technique and business strategy needed to be successful in portrait photography. 

School, Sport & Events Photography: Are you hesitant about taking photos of large groups? Looking to fine-tune your high-volume photography business? Or maybe you don't know a thing about photographing events, but you've always wanted to?  Whether you want to learn something new, or simply sharpen your skills, there's a class here for you.

Wedding Photographers: This track covers everything you need to know to create wedding photos that will last a lifetime for your clients. No matter if you're a pro or new to the business, this track will give you key tools for being successful in wedding photography.

And as these 10 tracks were not enough, there are a number of must-attend special events at Imaging USA: From parties to networking to fun run, to photography auction and drone demos, all the Special Events at Imaging USA will keep you buzzing from sunrise to sundown and are the perfect opportunities to build relationships with your peers. Make sure you include these special events and the opening and closing parties to your schedule! You'd hate it if you missed those! 

So, as you prepare for Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio, TX, be sure to take some time to plan which classes you want to attend. A full list of sessions is now available online and on the App. Go check them out at

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