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PPA MEMBERS: FREE Secret Special Giveaway This Friday! - PPA Today

PPA MEMBERS: FREE Secret Special Giveaway This Friday!


By David Eun 

Seeing as how PPA loves all things photography, let's be utterly frank: Who could say no to a free gadget to add to their equipment collection? 

PPA's back at it again with another social giveaway! However, we included a small twist this week, as the giveaway prize will be kept secret until this Friday (10/13). We know - It's rather cruel of us, but the anonymity was too difficult to resist. In case you're wondering how to win this secret prize, all you have to do is leave an answer in the comment section to this question: 

"Who has been your biggest photography inspiration, and why?" 

So leave a comment and enter a chance to win a free photography gadget! (It'll be awesome, we promise!)


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