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Photo Opportunities Are Endless At Imaging USA 2017! - PPA Today

Photo Opportunities Are Endless At Imaging USA 2017!


By Autumn Rice


Thousands of photographers will take over San Antonio for Imaging USA 2017 and if you're planning to be there, then don't forget to pack your camera! There will be loads of great photo opportunities and we want you to take advantage of them all! 

From photos with friends, to sights around the city, you'll have the opportunity to capture memorable moments all around Imaging USA. So, pull out your camera and take a picture of anything that catches your eye! And after you've captured the perfect picture, don't forget to share it with us. Tweet, snap, post, and share with the official #ImagingUSA, and your posts will be shared on large screens on site! 

Need more reasons? Here are a few sights for great photos opps at and around the convention:

Classes: There are great moments to capture photos of in classes. Snap some photos and share them with us!

Expo: The expo will be filled with your friends, industry professionals, vendors, and your PPA Team. Grab a few folks and get a group pic of the expo action!

The GIA's and the Award & Degree Ceremony: Snap some photos of the year's winners in their fanciest pants at these events where the award winners from the last year are recognized.

Parties: take a break from dancing the night away and snap some pics with friends. 

River Walk: Take a ride on the San Antonio River Walk and get great shots of the city from the boat! 

So whether you're on the plane to San Antonio, headed to an Imaging USA event or touring the city, keep your camera handy and capture some great moments from Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio. Remember to share all of your moments via social media with the hashtag:   #ImagingUSA

If you haven't already done so, you can still register: Go to and we'll see you soon!

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