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Meet the Baby Whisperer at Imaging USA

johnridgeway_headshot_blog.jpgIs your specialty photographing babies? Or do you want it to be? Then we've got someone you should meet at Imaging USA: The "Baby Whisperer." Over the past 13 years, John Ridgeway, M.Photog., has become known as the Baby Whisperer for his talent in handling his newborn photography specialty.

Finding His Specialty
Like many of us, it took John a few years to find that perfect niche. He was originally attracted to photography in college, where he was studying to be an architect (he loved photographing buildings). John's priority shifted to "people" photography after assisting a friend with photographing a wedding. In fact, that brought him to a career change.

"I did a few weddings with him and then thought that I could do this...the way I wanted. Here Iridgeway1.JPG am 23 years later," John remembers of starting his own business. He has been operating Ridgeway Portrait Design in Maryville, Illinois, since 1988 with his wife, Cheryl Ridgeway, Cr.Photog.

After being in the business for a number of years, John decided that he didn't want to shoot weddings anymore. But he "didn't know how to get out."

"My wife asked me what I would want to photograph if money were no object," says John. "I looked at the work of all of the studios around us and realized that there was a lack of good children's photography. Since I enjoyed children and enjoyed photographing them, I decided to concentrate on it."

That decision has paid off for his business over the last 13 years...even in the competitive market today.

ridgeway2.JPGLearning His Secrets
Want to learn the tricks John uses to create newborn photography that amateurs can't match? Attend his "The Baby Whisperer's Secrets Revealed" Imaging USA class, sponsored by H & H Color Lab on January 17, 2012.  

"Ten percent of making a good, quality photograph is the camera; 90 percent is knowing what to do with the camera to make that properly exposed, sellable image," John adds.

And when your subject is a newborn, there are a host of additional challenges added to mix. Attend his class, and you'll learn how John and Cheryl deal with those challenges, including their techniques for putting babies into a sound sleep so you can get a better variety of images for your clients.  

"A good photographer can take any camera and make a great photograph," reminds John. "Aridgeway3.jpg person with the 'best and most expensive' camera will still make a bad photograph if they don't know what to do with their new expensive toy."

So, get ready to wow your newborn photography clients with John and Cheryl's help!

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