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It's a Wrap! - PPA Today

It's a Wrap!


It's a Wrap!

Tomorrow life goes back to normal--no classes, no Expo, dare we say no fun (we won't, but definitely less)? 

Today we saw creative, inspiring, educational sessions with Brooke Shaden, Carrie Wildes, Colin Smith and Angela Lynn Penscak (just to name a few). Attendees filled their notebooks, iPads and noggins with ideas, information and inspiration to last a whole year! If your head is swimming with ideas, and you just don't think you can fit anymore in, it's okay. You're not alone. 

The Expo floor was packed with savings and there was even a brief appearance by MLB and Arizona Diamondbacks legend, Randy Johnson.  


And then there was Kenny. Kenny Rogers spoke at length to a packed Symphony Hall about his favorite images in his "Places I've Been, Things I've Seen" presentation. Rogers and his mentor and Imaging USA speaker, John Sexton, share the stories behind some of his favorite images and answered a few questions from the crowd. If you doubted his talent or passion, this was all you needed to see. The guy knows his stuff!

Afterwords, he was awarded a well-earned honorary masters of photography along with the more than 100 others at the Award and Degree ceremony. And can we just say: You guys clean up nice! 

We're ending the show at the Sheraton (third floor ballroom) and can't wait to see your sweet dance moves! Keep tweeting and instagramming your photos with #IUSA14 to get in our recap blogs.

Thank you to everyone who made Imaging USA 2014 a success! Make sure you check out the daily video recap on the Imaging USA Facebook page. We cannot wait to see you in Nashville, February 1--3, 2015! With all of the fun and excitement of this year, who knows what next year will bring!

Now let's party!

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