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Imaging USA Takes You Beyond Pictures on Paper - PPA Today

Imaging USA Takes You Beyond Pictures on Paper

As a pro photographer, you know that a photograph isn't just a photograph. It's a memory; it's an interpretation of a soul; it's so many things. And it's definitely more than a picture on paper.

Jamie Schultz, an Imaging USA instructor, knows this truth. It's a core value she's built her entire business on! Not only can this philosophy help in image making, it also can help in exceeding your customer's expectations in every way, as Schultz will show you in her class: "Beyond Pictures on Paper: Innovative Products" (Jan. 16, 9:00am). For example, providing clients with innovative products for displaying their images will increase your profitability and leave them feeling confident about their choice to hire you.

"Four years ago, I was searching for solutions to take my business to the next level. A relatively simple formula helped me achieve a level of success I never dreamed possible," adds Schultz. "I'm eager to share my experience with others who are ready to take their own businesses to a different level."

Are you ready?

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