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Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight On... Hannah Marie! - PPA Today

Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight On... Hannah Marie!

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of the best in photography learning, networking and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13). 
Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is going to spend the next several months highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers.

Let's Meet...
Hannah Marie 

As an artist, Hannah is motivated to make the world a brighter place, to share her craft with those who have something or someone to cherish. She is motivated by the knowledge that she can be a blessing to someone's day, week, or month - to capture a moment in their lives she knows they will hold dear, and by the calling to share the beauty witnessed in this world, every day. Most of all, Hannah is motivated by the passion felt when creating a beautiful image, and even more so when holding the finished work in her hands!

Speaker Sessions:
Tuesday January 16

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be? When driving, I often imagine how much safer the roads would be if everyone drove with the attitude of "let's work together to ensure we all get home safely." We'd extend a little more grace to one another, acknowledging that we're all just people trying to get home to our loved ones! I believe we are who we are regardless of where we are. If we all worked together on the roads and experienced less "me first" mentality there, I expect that would translate to all areas of life.

Why do you love photography? Throughout my life, I've had different "theme prayers" for different seasons. In my youth, my consistent prayer was that God would help me to see others (and myself) the way He sees them; to see the world through His eyes, with His love and His compassion. I believe He's answered that longing (as much as any human can see through His eyes) and I love that I can turn around and show others the beauty and uniqueness God sees in them.

What would be your advice for photographers who are just starting their career? 1) Spend time studying different business structures to find one that you're excited about. 2) Have the courage to photograph what you love most. It will show in your work and you'll find success more quickly. In mentor sessions, I can often tell the photographer what they're most passionate about shooting because that work stands out against the rest they produce. 3) Enter print competitions or at the very least sit in on the judging. It is the fastest way to grow as an artist.

What are some unmarked items on your bucket list? Be hired to photograph the children of the British royal family.

How often do you yourself get in front of the camera? I like to be in front of the camera every year so I can remember what it feels like. Being on the other side of the equation reminds me of the importance of guiding my clients through every step. For example, I never do a styling consult with myself, so on the day of my shoot I'm ripping through my closet trying to sort out what to wear!

What was your experience like with your very *first* client AND what did you learn from it? My very first client was a "newborn" session at two months old because he had been born prematurely. At that time, I was shoot-and-burn but surprised my clients by allowing them to select their favorite image to be printed as an 8x10. When the mother told me which image they had selected, I was surprised - it didn't even make my top 10 and in fact, I'd almost not even included it! The lesson: clients have totally different criteria for what makes an image their favorite.

Hannah Marie is just one of the many amazing speakers you'll get to meet and learn from at Imaging USA 2018! Registration is open now so take advantage of the Early Bird rates for passes and your hotel! 


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