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Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight On... Josh Hudson! - PPA Today

Imaging USA Speaker Spotlight On... Josh Hudson!

Imaging USA 2018 will be here before you know it...three-to-six days of the best in photography learning, networking and partying! It's all going down in the Music City, Nashville, TN, January 14-16, 2018 (Pre-Con classes January 11-13).

Imaging USA is known far-and-wide as THE place to see some of the best speakers in the photography industry, as they take you on deep-dives into every topic you could want to learn more about. In order to get you even more excited (if that's possible!), PPA is spending the fall and winter highlighting our 2018 Imaging USA speakers.

Let's Meet...Josh Hudson

Josh is the son of 34-year, internationally-recognized master photographer, and educator Bruce Hudson.   Josh literally grew up around the photography business and entrepreneurship. He was born in 1982 just three months after his dad Bruce and his late mom Sue Hudson started Hudson's Photography in the Fairwood neighborhood of Renton, WA. Together the two of them created one of the most profitable photography businesses in the country focusing on high-end weddings, high-school seniors, and large, family-portrait wall-décor sales. Eventually, Josh would follow in his mom's footsteps and manage the business, although not willingly at first!

With a degree in Political Science from Washington State University, Josh's path was heading straight towards law school. During the interim from undergraduate school, Josh worked at the studio. This interim job quickly turned into a passion for the photography business and marketing... and has since never left!

Now, Josh manages the day-to-day operations and the marketing at his family's studio, Hudson's Portrait Design in Tukwila. He was also instrumental in creating new, highly effective niche brands for the business with high-school seniors, commercial photography and video, and Hudson's Photo Workshops photography classes, which have now brought over 4,000 students through their studio doors in just five years' time.

As a much sought-after speaker, Josh has spoken to professional photography and business groups in nearly all 50 states and Canada on behalf of industry leaders like H&H Color Lab, Marathon Press, Animoto, and many others. He was also a monthly columnist for, a frequent speaker for New York Times best-selling author Sarah Petty's small business marketing web summits, is a co-founder of this educational website, and co-producer for the popular web series, Photo Entrepreneur TV.

Josh Hudson's session at Imaging USA is on Monday, January 15, 5 - 6:15 pm: Selling with Projection: Putting Your Kids through College with IN- PERSON SALES 

Q&A with Josh Hudson:
What is your life motto? True Success is Found Outside Your Comfort Zone - Sue Hudson (Mom)
Why do you love photography? I'm a business guy first. I love the margins that we have! But seriously, I love how fun the business is! People call you excited, it's not like you are a plumber or a used-car salesman--But also being able to create something that is seen as a work of art that will be enjoyed for generations to come.
If you could have a theme song, what would it be? 24K Magic by Bruno Mars
What would be your advice for photographers who are just starting? Don't give away digital files or spend a year doing free sessions to build your portfolio. And for god's sake, sell with IPS Projection!
What was one of the defining moments of your career? Being to work with my dad every day and carry on my mom's legacy
How often do you yourself get in front of the camera? Pretty often with teaching and speaking, but we also have a family portrait taken every year
How did you discover your niche? We have several; ours were created by following the money! Our more profitable one is our Hudson's Photo Workshops, we teach photo classes to consumers, it's been great for marketing and $$$.
What was your experience like with your very first client, and what did you learn from it? Bruce has been in business for 35 years; that was a LONG time ago! And I honestly can't remember the first client I interacted with. 

Josh Hudson is just one of the many amazing photographers you'll get to meet, hear, and learn from at this upcoming Imaging USA! Registration is open online now, so save some money and take advantage of the Early Bird discounts for your passes...and your hotel!


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