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Imaging USA Instructors: Doug Gordon Makes the Moments Happen - PPA Today

Imaging USA Instructors: Doug Gordon Makes the Moments Happen

Gordon_Doug.gifDoug Gordon, Cr.Photog, F-SWPP, founder of Patken Photographer, is recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in the country. He is also a recognized expert in the industry and a sought-after speaker, even hosting his own seminars through Doug Gordon Workshops. However, Gordon originally set out on a very different path.

Calling himself a "failed baseball player," Gordon was scouted as a pitcher by MLB teams asgordon1.jpg a sophomore in high school. He loved the game of baseball, and thought he was set to go pro. "That being said, I wasn't a great student. I didn't think I needed to be," remembers Gordon. "I graduated high school with a GPA of 74 and scored 880 on the SAT, of which 800 points were for signing my name."

He was first introduced to wedding photography by his father, who, in addition to working two jobs, was a wedding photographer on the weekends. As a child, Gordon would assist his father at wedding shoots. "I just loved being with my dad," he says. "Little did I know how much I was learning about photography and, more importantly, life."

gordon2.jpgWhen he was 16, Gordon's parents opened up a storefront studio. It was here that Gordon had his first experience photographing a wedding by himself. A panicked bride and groom had come into the studio after their wedding photographer walked out on them, and Gordon's father told them his son could handle it.

"I loved it. It was like being on stage. I was loud and in control," Gordon recalls. "Although I still didn't see myself being a wedding photographer, I now had something besides baseball that I loved."

Eighteen months later, Gordon ripped the rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder, ending his baseball career. Luckily, he had photography to turn to: "I had that fallback thing I never knew I was prepared for!"

Gordon has now been a wedding photographer for the last 21 years. But even after those 21 years, he says that wedding photography is as exciting and entertaining for him as it was at the beginning.

"I am a crazy romantic," he explains. "I love being involved. I am a sap, and I cry more oftengordon3.jpg then I would like to admit at weddings. The connections, the love, the dream...I honestly just love feeling romance, and what better place to do it than a wedding?"

Since his company, Patken Photographer, now shoots over 1,000 weddings a year, Gordon has plenty of opportunity to feed his romantic soul. How has he grown so successful? He believes that a large part of the credit goes to the consistency of his wedding images.

"I live by systems and being able to get the job done under any situation," says Gordon. "I always have a plan and know what I need to accomplish. Too many photographers wait for the moment to happen. I make the moment. I believe that it's what happens in the pose that makes it natural. I believe in feeling the moment and seeing more."

If you want to learn the posing techniques that Gordon uses to capture unique yet natural-looking wedding photos, don't miss his "Got Flow? Posing is Back" Imaging USA class on January 17. Gordon will share over 200 poses with you in the class!

gordon4.jpg"There are a lot of things in life that will catch your eye, but very few that capture your heart," adds Gordon. "Those are the things I will teach photographers to capture in this class."

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