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Imaging USA Instructor: Scott Robert Lim's Light Bulb Moments - PPA Today

Imaging USA Instructor: Scott Robert Lim's Light Bulb Moments

scottrobertlim_headshot.jpgScott Robert Lim of Scott Robert Photography is known today as an internationally renowned photographer and instructor. The principles he teaches in his Seven Steps to Mastering the Art of Photography workshops are considered revolutionary. But before all of this, Lim was just a photography enthusiast.

It was a 1999 trip to Europe with his wife that first made Lim consider becoming a professional photographer. He shot over 40 rolls of film during the trip and began thinking about turning pro on the plane ride home.

"I remember thinking to myself: 'I wonder how far I can take this new passion of mine?'" Lim says. "My goal was to see if I could duplicate the quality of a 'professional' image. Being a photographer was beyond my wildest dreams."

Now an accomplished wedding and on-location photographer, Lim says that he enjoys capturing people in beautiful and unique environments: "I think all photographers have this desire to travel--to see and experience the beauty of this big, wonderful world that we live in."

And despite his other accolades, Lim feels that being able to teach photography and mentorscottrobertlim1.jpg others are among his most rewarding accomplishments. "I just love to see the light bulbs go on in photographers' minds when I give them a few new tools to work with," he explains.

Hopefully, Lim can make a light bulb go on inside your mind with his "Portable Fashion Lighting Made Easy" Imaging USA class on January 16.

There, you'll learn about the budget-minded portable lighting techniques that have enabled Lim to capture his on-location, fashionable, award-winning imagery around the world. One of the key things that he will share--in a "very hands-on way"--is how to better control your flash in manual mode.

scottrobertlim2.jpg"Most people shoot in manual mode all the time because it gives us the ultimate in creative control. However, using flash in manual mode is new territory for a lot of people because it can seem very complicated," Lim says. "Still, once we understand the basics, we can use these tools to produce amazing multi-strobe setups that can extend our creativity and add dramatic lighting in any situation...even in extreme low light or high noon bright light situations."

If you attend Lim's class, you can plan on leaving feeling empowered to capture great images no matter what lighting situation you come up against!

Scott Robert Lim is the 2009 Kodak Award Recipient. Read more about him here.scottrobertlim3.jpg

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Wow, this is so amazing! Congratulations Scott, I'm so proud of you! You're definitely the best photography mentor out there, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you've done. Your workshops are fantastic, because you unleash all the photography tips that you learn every single day. You encourage us to go out there, and try it... and you get us there much faster. I can't wait to attend Paris & Hawaii this year! 2011 will be great, all thank you to you Scott!

PPA, this was a nice article! Thanks!

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