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Imaging USA Instructor: Lou Freeman Finds the Magic & the "Wow" Factor - PPA Today

Imaging USA Instructor: Lou Freeman Finds the Magic & the "Wow" Factor

freeman_headshot.jpgLou Freeman has been working as a photographer for over 29 years. Creative from an early age, her first photos were published at the age of 13. Since then, she has worked as a fashion and advertising photographer for many publications and brands, including Playboy, Italian Harpers Bazaar, Sara Lee/Hanes Brand and many others.

"The magic formed for me as a photographer when I realized I could join the technical side of photography to art and fashion," adds Freeman. That combination made her fall head over heels for photography.

After a 12-year career at Playboy and several years working for Italian Harpers Bazaar, it is easy to see why many people consider Freeman a fashion and advertising photographer. However, Freeman prefers to call herself an "image facilitator."

"I design images that bring on a brand for my clients to promote themselves with or for afreeman1.jpeg product they want to sell," she explains.

Freeman was one of the first female photographers at Playboy and sees her time there as significant because of the lighting techniques she developed. "The lighting I created with the magazine shaped my lighting for my life as a photographer," she says. She's even writing a book about her experiences at the magazine.

However, what she sees as one of her greatest accomplishments is the work she did in Europe for Italian Harpers Bazaar. "The experience was a validation for me," notes Freeman. "I felt that, for the first time, my vision was able to stand alone and compete in the industry. This opened the door for the hundreds of shoots I have accomplished at magazines, department stores, clothing campaigns and advertising campaigns."

If you want to learn how to apply Freeman's high-fashion photography techniques to your portraiture, be sure to attend her "From Fashion to Portraiture: Interacting with the Model" Imaging USA class on January 18.

freeman2.jpegFreeman says that her class will teach you to step up your creativity and make "killer photographic statements" of your own. "The world is changing and everyone is looking for the 'wow' factor in the photographers they hire," she adds. "You must deliver the best creative efforts you are capable of in every shoot you create."

If you're ready to make your portrait clients look like fashion models, Freeman's class is one you won't want to miss!

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