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Imaging USA Instructor: Jason Groupp

groupphead.jpgJason Groupp has been involved with photography since he was 15 years old. In fact, he started working for a wedding photographer when he was still in high school. Now in the business for 23 years, Groupp has become known for his unique wedding images, as well as his commercial and editorial work for clients like J. Crew, Conair/Cuisineart and Men's Health.

Despite having done work in the advertising and editorial sector, Groupp says that he still loves shooting weddings. "Wedding photography found me at a young age, not the other way around!"

Before any of this happened, though, Groupp says he always felt destined for a career in some form of creative art. His mother is a fashion designer, and his father was a sound engineer who specialized in creating gadgets for rock stars in the '70s.On top of that, his brother is a painter!

"I grew up around creative people my whole life, so in a sense, with the way I was raised, itgroupp1.jpg would have been weird for me not to find a creative outlet," adds Groupp about his childhood. And he knew photography was the career for him from the first time he saw the latent image come up on his first pinhole camera shot in a darkroom.

Now, Groupp says that his longevity in the industry is the accomplishment he's most proud of: "Staying relevant in this business as a professional, no matter what field of expertise you're in, is hard work!"

Groupp's great images are one reason he's stayed relevant so long. If you want to learn how he gets his off-camera lighting just right--without complex, expensive set-ups--be sure to attend his "Shoestring TTL: Lighting That Won't Break Your Budget" Imaging USA class on January 17.

groupp2.jpg"Off-camera lighting is hard, but it doesn't have to be," Groupp explains. "I find all too often that many photographers get frustrated with using lighting, so they just stop doing it. Part of it is the gear, and part of it is the user.  I also find that once we learn how to 'use' the gear, many photographers simply don't know where to 'stick' the lights.  I'm going to show you where to 'stick' it so you don't forget it."

Groupp adds that his class is unique because he doesn't believe that anyone has ever broken down specific lighting set-ups and diagrammed them in a way that is easy to remember and take home. "To prove it, I'm going to do it live right in front of everyone," he says.

You won't want to miss it!

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