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Imaging USA Instructor: Be Willing to Innovate

hartman_john.jpgJohn Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., EA-ASP, admits that he became a photographer more out of luck than out of planning.

"Many people spend a great deal of time planning their careers, but I took a photography class in high school to fill an extra study hall," Hartman says of his beginnings. "A lucky shot from the second roll of film I ever took ended up winning a Scholastic Student photo contest, and from then on I was hooked."

His first paying job as a photographer was in June 1974, and he's been shooting professionally ever since. Today, Hartman's success as a photographer (and businessman) has made him one of the leading marketing and business experts in photography.

"My business philosophy has always been to find out what everyone else is doing and thenHartman1.jpg do something different," he explains. "The ability to innovate and try things most people aren't willing to try is what I believe has set me apart from others--and has allowed my studio to continue to flourish, even in the current economy."

Hartman keeps his work innovative by experimenting with photography techniques that catch his interest, including high dynamic range imaging, panoramic photography, digital infrared photography, high-speed sync-flash outdoor portraiture, selective focus work in the studio, and HD video. "My interest in these areas, which are not usually associated with portraiture, allows me to figure out ways to implement these techniques into my everyday portrait photography," he adds.

Hartman2.jpgSince 1983, Hartman has presented hundreds of marketing programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. His sold-out Marketing Boot Camps in Las Vegas are the longest-running and most successful business seminars in the industry. And he's bringing his industry knowledge to Imaging USA in 2011!

If you need help with your marketing, don't miss Hartman's Imaging USA class, "The Greatest Marketing Secret of All," on January 16 at 9:00 am. (Plus, for an additional fee, you can learn from his speaking skills during a pre-convention class, "How to Be a Great Speaker," on January 15.)

During "The Greatest Marketing Secret of All," you'll learn to create images that excite your customers and confound your competition, develop product lines that add to each sale, showcase and market these new styles to attract clients and keep your studio on top, and how to merchandise and package for maximum revenue.

"Photographers will leave my presentation with a strong sense of direction on how to growHartman3.jpg their business in a variety of ways, "states Hartman. "They'll learn to grow by improving their photography, by implementing marketing that works, by introducing new products that people want to own and will pay a premium price for, and by understanding how they can maximize revenue with the least amount of work and expense."

Sound like something you'd like to learn?

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A published author, Hartman has also created several software solutions for photographers, including QuickMats, QuickProofs and SeniorMarketing. In 2010, PPA awarded Hartman the prestigious Charles H. (Bud) Haynes Award for his distinguished service to PPA and its members by encouraging business awareness and practices.


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