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Imaging USA Helps You Get Down to Business

Every pro photographer holds at least two jobs: photographer and businessperson. (And that doesn't even count your home life.) Problem is, most of us want to focus on that artistic part. But it takes more than good photography to be successful...just ask any successful photographer! And you can do so at two special pre-convention classes: The Business of Portrait Photography and The Business of Wedding Photography.

That's right, PPA's renowned Studio Management Services (SMS) 2-Day Business Basics Workshop has split its focus. The fundamentals the classes teach are the same; they are simply geared to either portraits or weddings! Why the split?

Well, Jennifer Roggi, Cr.Photog., ABI, CBM, and Todd Reichman--The Business of Wedding Photography instructors--know that the wedding mindset is very different. For one thing, you market and sell your services for an event over a year away! And this class will help you address those special wedding requirements, just as the portrait class will do for portraiture.

Ready to get down to business? You can at Imaging USA!

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