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Imaging USA Day One Wrap-up - PPA Today

Imaging USA Day One Wrap-up


Day one is in the books!

Who's tired? Not us! Not the slightest bit! Not in any way shape or form. Nope.

We welcomed thousands of you into the Phoenix Convention Center, burned our smile lines deeper into our skin and welcomed your warm presence into our hearts. 

YOU are the reason we are here, and the reason Imaging USA exists in the first place. Your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and it makes the long days more than worthwhile. Your passion affirms our purpose and together we are all shining a bright light in Phoenix. A light that will shine long into the wee hours of the night.

So how about day one at the Imaging Expo?! There was a literal stampede after president Ralph Romaguera cut the ribbon. 

Seriously. Some of you ran. We saw you.

Whether it was for a special deal or a limited edition PPA Team Captain bear, don't fret! PPA and our wonderful exhibitors have plenty more up our sleeves. You didn't see it all in day one. Trust us. There's too much. (Plus, we heard there's ice cream?!)

And how about those classes?! We heard a member say she was brought to tears in Jeff Shaw's morning class. Ross Oskar Knight, Richard Sturdevant and Benjamin Von Wong packed the house to share how they create their unique art, and how you can too. Padraic and Sonia Deasy came all the way from Ireland to show us a thing or two about giving back. And many more wonderful speakers imparted their talent and wisdom in their very own way.

There's so much more tomorrow.

Day two of the Imaging Expo will once again be from 11:30am to 5pm, and PPA has more tricks up our sleeves at the PPA booth. We've got classes in EVERY track, featuring Jeremy Cowart, Kwaku Alston, Heather Chinn, the great John Sexton and so many more. The best of the best will be honored as the night brings the Grand Imaging Awards and the first-ever presentation of the World Photographic Cup. 

So... tired? Not us. Not even a bit. We've got two more days of photography fun on tap. 

Oh, and we've got a party to get to...

See you all there!

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