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Master Wedding Photography at Imaging USA 2016 - PPA Today

Master Wedding Photography at Imaging USA 2016

By Nicole McIntosh

Weddings are one of the most memorable days for the happy couple. It is the only time for all their family to be in the same place and for them to display their love in front of everyone. This is why having the memory of this day is one of their biggest priorities. Most people think that setting up a wedding is hard, but when you compare it to the amount of work it takes for the photographer to capture every moment and manage to fit in with the crowd, it's beyond the ultimate challenge. To achieve the perfect pictures it takes patience, speed, and various other skills to ensure that your client is fully satisfied with your work. The Wedding Track at Imaging USA has the classes you need to perfect your wedding photography skills. These classes will have you on the road to creating the best wedding photographs imaginable.


Here are some of the classes from the 2016 Imaging USA Wedding Track you should attend:

Sunday, January 10

This workshop is for those who want to learn everything about documenting wedding photographs from beginning to end. Damon Tucci will share how you need to prepare, act, and even how you should look. His level of expertise and advice will have you and your wedding clients completely satisfied at the end of every celebration.

Tuesday, January 12

Taking a picture is the easy part when it comes to being a photographer, but being able to tell the story of the moment is the real challenge. And that's where Jerry Ghionis does his thing the best! In this class, he will teach you how to evoke the emotion that will ensure that the story is told in every photograph you take of your clients' special day. This class will leave you better equipped, inspired, entertained, and challenged to take your wedding photos to the next level.

Tuesday, January 12

When it comes to having the perfect image, beautiful lighting and effortless posing make the perfect couple. Rick Ferro will show you that to really master wedding photos, photographers must capture the romantic aspect of the couple which consist of posing the clients in an effortless manner with a beautiful body language and just the right amount of lighting to match. It's just like the perfect marriage.

Tuesday, January 12

Sometimes the chaos of filming a group photo can steer people away from wanting to participate in all that wedding photography has to offer. You must master the technical aspects of a group photograph to really capture the wedding party in a way that will be a much cherished memory. Justine Ungaro will share with you the process she takes in creating the perfect group portrait including evoking expressions, emotion, and drama from the people in the photos.

There it is! The Wedding Track offers classes that can help you develop so many of your photographic skills. Imaging USA 2016 has something for everyone! Join us in Atlanta, January 10-12, 2016! Register today at

Nicole McIntosh is one of PPA's Marketing and Communications Interns, yay! Nicole is known for her vibrant smile and the one to laugh even if the sky is falling. A sophomore at Spelman College, she hopes that working with PPA will give her the tools she needs to start her own non-profit organization one day.

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