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Imaging USA Even Offers Adobe Photography Solutions Classes!

By Nicole McIntosh

With Imaging USA 2016 getting closer and closer, the excitement just continues to build. Imaging USA offers an array of classes that cover the necessary things that photographers like you need to know. One of the tracks offered is Adobe Photography Solutions classes. This track is your go to for all things Adobe; you will learn everything from retouching tips to timesaving techniques. 

Here are the classes offered under the Adobe Photography Solution Track during Imaging USA 2016: 

Monday, January 11, 8-9:30am 
Save time and make your photos look amazing by discovering new timesaving techniques during this course. Expert retoucher Chris Orwig will teach you how to make your photographs of people and other subjects look their best using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Monday, January 11, 10-11:30am
Combining multiple images captured at different times to create a whole is something that can expand your portfolio to new levels. Julianne Kost, a pro at composites, will share her tips for creating successful composites including organizing layers and creating the perfect mask.

Monday, January 11, 5-6:15 pm
Sometimes photographers are afraid to use mobile devices to help aid them in their productivity and creativity. Terry White shows you how you can use Lightroom to organize, share, and edit your photographs from anywhere including on your mobile devices. 

Tuesday, January 12, 8-9:30am
When life gets too hectic, you sometimes can lose that creative spark that is the master of all your artistic abilities. Julieanne Kost will teach you techniques that will help you channel your creativity in any situation and inspire you to create better images. 

Tuesday, January 12, 10-11:30am
There are lists of things that can go wrong during your shoots including weather, challenging subjects, and poor lighting. Jared Platt will make sure you leave this class knowing the tricks using Lightroom and Photoshop of post processing that will change the game for the way your photographs turn out.

There you have it! The Adobe Photography Solutions Track offers classes that can help you develop your post processing and creative skills. Imaging USA 2016 has something for everyone! There's even more learning on the tradeshow floor with lots of demos. Join us in Atlanta, January 10-12, 2016! Register today at

Nicole McIntosh is one of PPA's Marketing and Communications Interns, yay! Nicole is known for her vibrant smile and the one to laugh even if the sky is falling. A sophomore at Spelman College, she hopes that working with PPA will give her the tools she needs to start her own non-profit organization one day.


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