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Business Track Classes at Imaging USA! - PPA Today

Business Track Classes at Imaging USA!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Why-IUSA-IG_079 smaller.jpgAre you looking forward to attending the Business Track classes at Imaging USA? You should be! We've got several classes that are bound to improve your business acumen for 2017 - and your profitability

As you prepare for the world's largest pro-photography convention, keep these Business Track classes in mind to catapult your business!
Cultivating and Caring For a High-End Clientele
Allison Tyler Jones, CPP
Sunday, January 8
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Do you really need more clients, or do you just need to take exceptional care of your best clients? Perhaps your business is focused on the wrong type of client. You hear about photographers with "high-end clients" but does it seem like there is no such thing for your business or in your town? A High-End Client is nothing more or less than a client who values what you do and is willing to pay you what you're worth to do it. Which is awesome, but how do you cultivate those types of clients and once you get them, how do you take care of them so they keep coming back? Allison will inspire you to build a sustainable business around your unique strengths, with fewer clients than you ever thought possible.

The Great Sales Adventure
Ben Shirk, M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
Sunday, January 8
8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Why do some studios thrive while others struggle? What makes your business sustainable, despite ever-changing trends and styles? How can you be a great artist and a great business person? Instructor Ben Shirk is here to answer these questions and more. You'll learn an entire sales process that will make your numbers go through the roof. Discover the key elements that ensure client satisfaction, and explore the tricks and tips that have given Ben's studio one of the highest sales averages in the country. This is one adventure you literally can't afford to miss!

10 Strategies to Double Your Portrait Sales in 2017
Bradford Rowley 
Monday, January 9
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

This is a high-paced, energetic program that will give you 10 specific, actionable strategies to help you double your sales in 2017. Learn how to maximize your sales skills and sell portraits at the highest level.  Instructor Bradford Rowley has made a career - and a fortune - doing just this, and he is here to share his expertise and experience with you. 

Survival of the Fittest
Blair Phillips, Cr.Photog.
Monday, January 9
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

We have all been told to not put all of our eggs in one basket at some point in our lives. This could not be a more meaningful statement for a photographer. Clients' wants and needs have been rapidly changing the scope of success in the photography industry. In years past, being really good at only one genre of photography was perfect. With today's ever changing society, you can still find great success with photography, but it may require a little more diversity than in years past. Blair Phillips has two very successful sides of his business that continue to grow each year. Blair has an upscale studio business, and operates a large volume business from there as well. In this program, Blair will turn his business inside out and get right to the point of helping you make money. Blair will share a ton of marketing ideas and programs that are proven to work. Blair will also share some of the things that have helped him grow his volume business to photographing over 30,000 children per year. This program will for sure be one that you will be so glad you sat in for. No fluff, no fillers, just straight to the point as soon as the program begins!

Beyond Expectation: Leave Limitations Behind and Live Your Full Potential
Jeffrey Shaw, Cr.Photog.
Tuesday, January 10
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Building a successful photography business takes hard work and all too often, you feel like the proverbial hamster on a wheel. Maybe your business isn't doing as well as you expected, or maybe you've met your expectations but feel you could do more. In this class, you'll burst out of the Zone of Expectations and move into the Zone of Possibilities! No, this isn't an inspirational, motivational presentation but a way to get you where you need - and WANT - to go! Jeffrey Shaw, with over 33 years' experience in the industry, gives you the practical, specific action steps you can apply to your business and your life. You'll discover what to do in your own studio so you can realize the freedom and financial results that you've been wanting. So step beyond your limits, beyond your expectations, and discover what you can really do!

The $3000 Headshot
Megan DiPiero
Tuesday, January 10
5:15 PM - 6:30 PM

In this memorable and inspiring talk, Megan shares the life lessons that have shaped her business and created the success she has today. From her modest home studio, Megan comfortably charges 10 times the market rate for her sought-after headshots, resulting in sales that range from $1700-$6500. Learn how she does it and why pricing limitations are truly just in your imagination. Discover what it takes to build and deliver the kind of value your clients desire. Whether you do portraits or weddings, whether you're a novice or seasoned veteran, this is the jumpstart you need to catapult your brand - and your prices - to new heights. Passion, profit, pricing - it's all here!

There you have it! Just some of the Business Track classes that will be at Imaging USA 2017. If any of these classes interest you, register now

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