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PPA Today: Imaging USA Classes: December 2016 Archives

Imaging USA Classes: December 2016 Archives

by James Yates

PPA's Business Challenge was born nearly one year ago, at Imaging USA 2016 in Atlanta. It was during the Studio Makeover class, dedicated to unveiling the results two studio owners had by implementing PPA's business advice, when Education Director Angela Kurkian began to realize the program could be scaled up. By adding the Challenge as a group on theLoop, all PPA members would have the chance to join and begin their 12-month, step-by-step program to profitability and sustainability for their photography businesses. 

It's been a huge success. There are now nine different Challenge Groups on theLoop, with over 900 members taking advice, implementing changes, sharing wisdom and holding each other accountable as they make the steps toward their studios becoming more financially sound! 

YOU can get a taste of the Business Challenge LIVE and IN PERSON with a class at Imaging USA 2017

Business Challenge mentors Gregory Daniel, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP, Mary Fisk-Taylor, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API and Angela Kurkian, M.Photog.Cr., CPP will be presenting the platform program "4 Things You Need to Know to be Successful"  at Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio, TX. 

The class will be held on January 8 and asks the question, "If you could make four changes to your business and your way of thinking that would help you be more profitable, add time to your day and move your life in the direction you dream of, would you do it?"  Full of great takeaways and business strategies you can start implementing right away, this class is the perfect introduction to the Business Challenge program, which can help you build your business on a strong foundation in 2017.

If you're not already using the Business Challenge to own your place in the photography industry and be more profitable, what are you waiting for?! Sign up now at! And be sure to register for Imaging USA and join us in San Antonio! 

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By Autumn Rice

If you're heading to San Antonio in January, by now you've registered for all of your pre-con classes and scheduled your education-filled days at Imaging USA. But before you run out the door, here are some tips on what to bring to classes to ensure that you're prepared to get the most out of your "Imaging experience" this year!

Check your bag for these few necessities before you head to class:

1. Camera: This is a photographic convention. Of course you need your camera! Some of the classes at Imaging USA 2017 are hands-on and will give you the chance to use the skills you've learned right on your own camera. Bringing your camera is a MUST! Triple check your bag for your camera (and batteries) before you leave!

2. Mobile App: The mobile app is the best way for you to stay on the schedule you set for your days at Imaging USA. It has a special feature that allows you to schedule your days, and stay on time for each class. The app is also easy to use, and there are demo videos to help you master each feature. Make sure to download the official Imaging USA app before you head to San Antonio!

3. Laptop/Tablet: Some Imaging USA classes teach you about programs and editing, and having the program handy would be a good idea. Although laptops are ideal, keep in mind that tablets or smaller, compact items may be easier to carry. Be sure to equip your tablets and laptops with the software and programs you'll need for before you throw it in your bag!

4. Notebook & Pen: There will be a lot of information given in each Imaging USA class, and bringing writing utensil will ensure you're able to take advantage of it! You'll want to write down notes as a reference for future use and projects. Remember to stop by Registration on site to pick up your FREE Imaging USA notebook! And don't forget to throw a couple of pens in your backpack before class; you'll need them!

5. Business Cards: Many of your fellow photographers and vendors will attend class sessions with you, and building business relationships is a great way to find pro-photographer friends that can help you! Building and nurturing a professional network is also great for support, so don't forget to grab enough business cards before you leave!

There you have 'em! These items are your basic necessities for Imaging USA classes, and you don't want to forget them. So before you leave home triple check your bag for these items and you'll be Imaging USA education ready!

Visit to register for the Imaging USA 2017, download the app and register for classes, and we'll see you in January! 

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By Autumn Rice

Every year Imaging USA leaves attendees bursting with inspiration from all they've learned at the convention, and this year's Imaging USA will exceed your expectations. 2017's convention features many new exhibits, classes, and events that you can't miss! 

This year, for the first time ever, Imaging USA will feature the Drone Zone! If you're interested in learning about drones and how you can incorporate them in your business, then visiting the Drone Zone is a MUST. This gigantic classroom is all about the new regulations, flying safety, and best practices. From hands-on demonstrations to classes held three times every day, and the chance to get answers to your most pressing questions, the Drone Zone is your complete guide to successful drone usage! And if that wasn't enough, there will also be drone exhibitors on the Expo floor along with PPA's insurance partner, Lockton Affinity, to offer you the best deals and advice about your drone insurance.

The best part of the Drone Zone experience at Imaging USA 2017 is that it's OPEN TO ALL ATTENDEES! As long as you have a badge, you'll be able to participate in all the drone fun; that's an Imaging USA first!  

Don't pass up this opportunity to soak up all of the information industry experts can offer you exclusively at Imaging USA. Visit to get your $35 Expo-only pass and guarantee your complete drone experience! 

If you want to attend all of Imaging USA's classes, parties, and events there's still time to purchase an All-Access Pass! Register by December 15 to save $50 off with the extended early bird rate at or get your Expo-Only pass FOR FREE by using the promo code TSC2017 at

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By Autumn Rice


Imaging USA is less than a month away, and although everything about the convention is fantastic, there are some events outside of the class curriculum you just have to attend while in San Antonio. From the Grand Imaging Awards and the Award & Degree Ceremony, to the parties and PPA Charities' Fun Run, these special events are sure to create special memories from your time in San Antonio. 

To help you navigate some of the special programs at Imaging USA we gathered the top 7 events that you can't miss! Check them out:

7. Grand Imaging Awards: Celebrate with friends as we honor the 2016 Medalists, Diamond Photographers of the Year, and all the elite Loan Collection artists from the most recent International Photographic Competition (IPC).

6. Award and Degree Ceremony: This ceremony is all about your peers and their accomplishments in the professional photography industry. If you need some inspiration, going to cheer on your fellow photographers is the way to do it!

5. The Expo: The Expo is where all the action takes place. Marvel over everything from the PRINT Movement Theatre, Drone Zone, and the IPC exhibit to vendors offering the best discounts on the industry's latest products just for you! Going to the expo is a must!

4. Charities Reception: Mingle with your fellow photographers before the charities auction. This is a ticketed event!

3. Charities Auction: Kick off Imaging USA as you enjoy fun, auctions and all the good deeds that have been done. This is a ticketed event so pick those up at

2. Fun Run: Get up, get out, and get running at the annual 5k run for PPA Charities. Don't stay out too late the night before because the race starts at 7am and you don't want to be left behind!

1. AND THE PARTIES!!!: The parties at Imaging USA are a great way to kick off the New Year. Dance the night away with all of your photographer friends while having the time of your life. Don't miss the opening party or the closing party!

These are only a few of the special events that Imaging USA has to offer. Don't forget, you can take your Certification exam, watch the incredibly kick-in-the-rear-end motivational and inspiring presentation by CNN Star Mel Robbins, and so much more!

Find a complete list of the special events and their descriptions at And don't forget to visit to sign up for Imaging USA. The early bird rate is being extended until midnight ET Dec. 15, 2016. Don't be left behind!

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By Chris Homer

Have you been considering drone photography as an addition to your business? Imaging USA is tackling this hot topic with a host of brand new classes. For the first time ever, Imaging USA will have a "Drone Zone"! This is where you can learn anything and everything drone related. There will be speakers who are pioneers in the area, a representative from the FAA to answer all your questions, and rumor has it that you might even get to FLY A DRONE! 

Even better, you can have access to the entire Drone track (classes, presentations, and demos) through an Expo-Only pass for only $35! Take a look at everything being offered in the Drone Zone below and register here for Imaging USA 2017 today! 

Drones and Aerial Photography 101
Randy Braun and Stacy Garlington will start from scratch speaking plain English to explain where, when, how and why. This class is for complete beginners who are a little bit nervous and confused about aerial drone photography. Randy and Stacy will encourage participants to relax and ask questions throughout the class.

Flights - Camera - Action
Designing your commercial imaging flight today requires planning, visualization and safety considerations. Eddie Tapp, M.Photog., MEI,Cr.,API,CPP, will discuss tips, techniques and information that will help your flight strategies from composition flights, camera settings, safety practices and more. Even if your considering drone aerials in your business, come and prepare to take flight for your creative imaging experience.

Elevate Yourself and Your Business Using Small Drones
Camera-drones are the hottest thing in photography industry. Randy Bruan & Stacy Garlington from the DJI Photography Development Team will discuss drone hardware, flying basics, image capture, simple processing, do's and don'ts, and how to earn additional income with your drone.

Getting Started in Aerial Drone Imaging
The composition rules have changed, you can now move your camera in 3D space. Learn how to cast of traditional photography constraints and elevate your photography. In this session Colin Smith will provide tips on the best way to fly to capture the best photographs and video. We will also explore some basic image editing of aerial images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

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