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Imaging USA 2018: Hands-On Pre-Con Classes! - PPA Today

Imaging USA 2018: Hands-On Pre-Con Classes!


By David Eun

Imaging USA 2018 in Nashville, TN, is steadily approaching, and we want you to get the very most out of your experience, including the Hands-On Pre-Convention classes!

Aside from the whole host of convention classes offered when you register for Imaging USA, there are also dozens of pre-convention classes that you could participate in. Pre-convention classes require an extra fee, but they offer more one-on-one time with instructors and they focus on specific topics.

Pre-Convention classes will take place January 11 - 13. Pre-convention classes range from multiple day workshops to single day workshops and cover topics such as business and technique. Plus, the hands-on classes allow you to practice the techniques you learned in the class!

So, as you prepare for the world's largest pro-photography convention, check out some of these hands-on pre-convention classes that may interest you! 

Alison Carlino, CCP, Cr. 
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM 
Ready to jump into the world of lighting off camera? Maybe you've been eager to take that flash off your hot shoe and aren't sure where to start... Have you been using off camera lighting yet want to observe how someone else creates with it? Alison Carlino teaches you how to walk into any space and master the light.

Angela Lawson, Cr.Photog.,CPP
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
Whether it is the beloved family dog, the faithful companion to a growing child, the cats treated like children, or the other wonderful animals people chose to have as pets, photographers are called upon to capture these special family members. For many photographers, this is challenging as pet photography involves scenarios that are not taught in photography manuals. Spend time with Angela Lawson as she takes you beyond the technical aspects of photographing animals.

Chris Knight
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
Are you ready to create memorable and dramatic portraiture? Then you do not want to miss this class! Chris Knight will cover six essential tips to transform your lighting techniques and allow you to create more drama in your portraits. Learn how to light with precision and control, using lighting ratios to shape contrast and drama.

Eden Bao
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
A master in her craft, Instructor Eden Bao will give you an overview of maternity photography, where it came from and where it is going. She will walk you through lens and lighting techniques that will help you create incredible images and make your clients feel beautiful. 

Erik Valind
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
In this class you will learn the techniques needed to create amazing images in any portrait session. Erik Valind will walk you through lens selection and determine how to make the right choice for different scenarios.

Howie McCormick
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
The Senior Portrait isn't just a picture; it's an experience. In this class, Howie McCormick will show you how to handle the Senior Portrait process, start to finish.

Pete Rezac, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
Learn from one of the best as Peter Rezac wants to show you how he handles children portraiture. In this program, you'll learn about pre-consultation with clients. You'll explore how to establish a rapport with your customers while delving into the beauty, authenticity, and reality that make beautiful images.

Ryan Armbrust
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM 
Go into the boudoir with Ryan Armbrust for a fun-filled experience of shooting. Learn how to walk the fine line between operating a personable boudoir brand and a high-volume photography studio. Ryan will show you how to shoot an entire boudoir session quickly and efficiently.

Tony Corbell, Cr.Photog., API
9-11AM, 1-3PM, 4-6PM
This class is all about understanding and controlling light quality. Treat yourself and reserve time for this program with Tony Corbell as he will share a unique perspective on how to become bolder in pushing the limits of your photographic experience and talents.

There it is! These are your hands-on pre-con classes that will be available at Imaging USA 2018. If any of these classes interest you, register now and we hope to see you there!


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