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Imaging USA 2016: Here We Go! Pre Convention Round Up - PPA Today

Imaging USA 2016: Here We Go! Pre Convention Round Up


by James Yates

***all images © Alex the Photo Guy***


Imaging USA 2016 doesn't officially start until tomorrow but you sure wouldn't know it from the tons of people already enjoying Pre Convention classes! 

I'm James Yates, PPA's Communications Specialist and one of the newbies on the PPA staff, having only started working with PPA two months ago. I had certainly heard the hype: "Imaging is the most fun you'll have all year!" "You won't believe how happy and friendly everyone is!" and "Get ready for the ride of your life." Aside from that nervous, "up the rollercoaster"-feeling in my stomach, I set out Thursday morning ready to receive whatever Imaging goodness came my way...

...and boy, did it! THIS IS AMAZING! Seriously, the convention and expo officially start tomorrow but it already feels like the greatest photography party on earth up in here! The Georgia World Congress Center has been painted red-and-white by PPA and I got to snap some pics and take in everything there is to do during the Pre Convention courses. Here's a Pro Tip for next time....GO TO PRE CONVENTION! 



The last three days have offered several Certification Prep and Business classes that are all-day, in-depth and full of important info to soak up. I spent Friday and Saturday morning interviewing speakers and members and they all told me the one piece of advice they had for newcomers: "Attend the pre convention classes!" They are the best place to get serious one-on-one time with the top teachers in the field. 



Today there were nine hands-on classes available. With top-notch speakers like Booray Perry, Cr.Photog., CPP, Ross Oscar Knight, Randy Van Duinen, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, Lou Freeman, Kay Eskridge, M. Photog.Cr., and Jeff Rojas, there was something for everyone. 




There were also several "meet and greets" to get Imaging USA attendees and PPA photographers ready for the connections they'll be making all weekend. The "New Member Meet and Greet" and "theLoop" social media meet and greet. 

And finally....the Expo. It's being put together as I type this, ready for you all to enjoy tomorrow morning at the ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:15AM, after we get to meet Amy Purdy. 

If you missed out this year, be sure to attend the Pre Con classes at Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio. And check back here each night for a recap of just a smidgen of the awesome to be seen at Imaging USA 2016. 

Not a member of PPA? Join today at and your first year of Imaging USA registration is on the house!

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