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Get Socially Smart at Imaging USA

adler_lindsay_head_blog.jpgHave you ever felt like a "small fish in a big pond" after a move? Lindsay Adler experienced that when she moved her business Lindsay Adler Photography to New York City.  But thanks in part to her smart use of social media (and her unique offerings), Adler's portrait and fashion photography business has grown in success.

In fact, Adler's talents led her to author two successful books--"A Linked Photographers' Guide to Online Marketing and Social Media" and "Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography." That's quite an achievement, considering that she accomplished it all by age 25. (And she'll be sharing some of the methods that helped her grow at Imaging USA, but more about that later!)

Early Beginnings
"From the very beginning, photography had an important place in my heart," Adler remembersadler1.jpg of her introduction to the art by her mother and grandmother--two photographic hobbyists. "Together, we would wander around the family farm taking photos of the changing seasons and the beauty of nature. I knew almost instantly that photography would be my career."

By the time she was in high school, Adler began her first portrait business photographing her fellow students in upstate New York. Since moving to New York City, though, she has found her niche as a fashion photographer.

"I love the creative freedom that being a fashion photographer gives me. People hire me for my vision, and in fashion editorials, there are no rules," she says of her specialty. "No matter adler2.JPGwhat I envision, I can orchestrate a fashion shoot to bring that vision to reality. I am able to take the beautiful thoughts and images in my head, and manifest them into something."

Smart Social Skills
Luckily, her creative approach to photography translated into her business skills, too--helping her face the challenge of moving to New York City and the subsequent high competition. She grew and stays successful by offering unique services to her clients (like moving images and fashion films) and using social media heavily to build and maintain relationships with clients.

"I try to overcome these obstacles by clearly defining my target market, which is often aadler3.jpg specific individual or company," Adler explains. "From there I look at the resources available to me--social networking, personal resources and marketing tools--and find ways to get my vision and work in front of those individuals."

If you want to learn how Adler leverages social media to her advantage, don't miss her "Social Networking Essentials for Photographers" Imaging USA class on January 16.

"I'll focus on best practices that will help you reach your target audience and save you time so you can focus on other aspects of your business," she says. "You'll learn the essential tools and platforms for social networking, and how to best leverage these tools by making yourself attractive to your audience."

Plan to attend if you want to strengthen your target audience reach and matter where you're located!

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