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Get Inside Damon Tucci's Head at Imaging USA - PPA Today

Get Inside Damon Tucci's Head at Imaging USA

Tucci_Damon_headshotblog.jpg"I must embrace, adapt and constantly push myself as an artist to be relevant," says Damon Tucci, Cr.Photog. And it must be working, judging by the style that has helped him succeed in wedding and portrait photography.

Since opening his business in the Orlando, Florida area in 1992, Tucci's wedding clients have grown to love his stylized fashion/documentary approach to wedding photography. The method combines the elements of guided fashion posing with photojournalism documentation, allowing his clients to look their best while still capturing the special moments of their wedding day.

In fact, Tucci recently released a DVD called "VisualThumbnail image for tucci1.JPG Pimping" that documents him in the field and showcases how he makes his images from beginning to end, including post-production. "It's cool because unlike DVDs that showcase splendid locations, our locations are backyards, neighborhood streets and industrial parks," adds Tucci. "It is the reality of what we all have to deal with--having to make something out of nothing, anywhere, anytime."

That creative ability takes a certain mindset. Luckily, Tucci is getting ready to share it with you at Imaging USA! Don't miss his "In My Head: Tapping Into the Photographer's Mindset" Imaging USA class, sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging, on January 17, 2012.  

Tucci will show you the methodology and mindset you must have to produce exceptional images on demand. He'll also touch on modern posing and lighting techniques, including off-camera speed lights, available lighting, strobe and video. Best of all, Tucci will show you that creating unique images doesn't have to be complicated!

"I think students tend to believe they need to use a lot of gear tucci3.JPGwith elaborate setups to achieve great images," Tucci explains. "Instead, I try to instill the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) method. I teach pre-visualization and effective run-and-gun capture methods with a sound technical foundation."

Sound like what you wish Santa would bring you? Then get ready to enter Damon's mindset and plan to attend his Imaging USA class!

tucci2.JPGRead more about Damon Tucci here. Read more about Imaging USA here


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