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Confessions of a Destination Wedding Photographer (at Imaging USA) - PPA Today

Confessions of a Destination Wedding Photographer (at Imaging USA)

kennykim_head_blog.jpgKenny Kim never intended to be a wedding photographer. "It just sort of fell into my lap," he says. Originally, he started photographing collegiate sporting events, where his love of photography grew and he became almost obsessed with learning its technical aspects. Then, the members of the 800-plus member church he attended began referring wedding couples to him.

"I fell in love with wedding photography after covering a few of those weddings and have not looked back since then," Kim adds.

Since establishing his wedding photography business, Kenny Kim Photography, in 2006, he has quickly become a nationally recognized name in the industry. He was recently named one of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine's A-List photographers and has written two books on wedding photography, "The Wedding Photographer's Planner" and "Digital Wedding Photography Photo Workshop." And he's getting ready to share his expertise with you at Imaging USA!

Becoming a Destination Wedding Photographer
During his class at Imaging USA, Kim will share what worked and what didn't as he grew hiskennykim_1.jpg business...specifically his destination wedding business. His first destination wedding (in the Bahamas) happened early in his career, and the referrals have been multiplying ever since.

"It's such a festival event, and with each wedding, I feel privileged that my clients would entrust me to capture their special day," Kim says. Today, he shoots about 20 weddings a year, half of which require him to travel. He has captured over 150 weddings throughout the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Asia and Europe.

Travel to Overcome Challenges
Kim says that his biggest challenge is dealing with the constant change in the photography industry (in both technology and trends).

"We're often tempted to refuse to conform to those changes," he explains. "But we have to constantly motivate and fuel ourselves to stay hungry and grow as a photographer and in business."

Kim credits the traveling he does for his wedding photography work with helping him stay motivated. "Traveling is the best education one can have," he adds. "I am always learning about myself and my character when I observe the lives of people from different cultures, and somehow they become life lessons that I apply to my business."

kennykim_2.jpgTravel is so important to Kim that he recently started a workshop called "PhotoVentures to Italy" to show other photographers what he's learned from his trips as a destination wedding photographer...and he's coming to Imaging USA , too!

Sharing Success
If you're thinking of getting into the destination wedding photography business--or want to improve what you're already doing--don't miss Kim's "Confessions of a Destination Wedding Photographer" Imaging USA class, sponsored by Kodak, on January 16.

He'll share what has worked for him in networking and marketing, as well as some of the mistakes he made when starting out and the lessons he learned from them. If you want to break in to this exciting field, this is the class for you!

Read more about Kenny Kim here. Follow him on Twitter and view his Facebook page. Readkennykim_3.jpg more about his books here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.



I love Kenny Kim's work. It's great because I started in a similar way... Here's hoping it goes the same way for me!

Congratulation Kenny on being named to the Destination Weddings & Honeymoons magazine's A-List photographers. I am especially delighted as a Bahamas wedding planner to see that your first destination wedding was in the Bahamas.

We hope you get to come back often and thanks for sharing your experience.

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