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Become the Photographer You Want to Imaging USA

duncan_headshot_blog.jpg"Life is too short to not be doing what you love," says Cris Duncan, Cr.Photog., CPP. For him, that means photography! "One thing that I am most proud of is that Deanna and I can do what we truly love and feel we've been called to do...and support our family doing it."

But doing what you are passionate about doesn't mean you'll only see sunshine and roses. Like every business endeavor, there are hurdles to overcome: lack of confidence, industry changes, competition, getting stuck in ruts, etc. Cris and his wife Deanna are coming to Imaging USA to help you beat back those challenges and reignite your photographic passion!

Find Your Passion
The Duncans have operated C.J. Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas, since 2002, offering high-end commercial, portrait and wedding photography. Since opening their business, Cris has photographed one president, two vice presidents and done work for large companies like Frito-Lay and Bayer.

Despite these high-profile clients, Cris says that family portraits are still his favorite type of duncan1.jpg work. "We both believe that these portraits will help reinforce the love and relationship that these families have," he explains.

"I feel you need to do something you are passionate about," Cris adds. "Your clients will see that love and passion you have for your job, and that experience is counted to them as value. We are passionate about families and helping preserve them in any way we can."

Improve with Your Passion
Like many photographers, Cris admits that the biggest challenge his business faces is keeping up with the constant change in the industry. And he is constantly working on new techniques, styles and product offerings to stay competitive.

"But there is a difference between changing what you do and adapting to do it better," he explains. "That is where learning comes in. Learning is not gaining knowledge but taking the knowledge and making adjustments to what you do to improve."

duncan2.jpgOne way Duncan overcomes the challenge of competition is by using his unique lighting techniques to create a signature style. He's even known as a "MacGyver of Light," and will discuss lighting tips and tricks that work for them at Imaging USA...along with other business strategies!

"We will be providing some quick 'kick-start' ideas that can be applied immediately and with little effort to help propel one's business," says Cris about that upcoming class. "Most importantly, we will discuss how confidence and having a different perspective on ourselves and those things around us can transform who we are as photographers and serve as a catalyst for our business and our craft."

Ready to make the necessary adjustments in your own business to live your passionduncan3.jpg successfully? Don't miss the Duncans' "Become the Photographer You Want to Be" Imaging USA class, sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging.

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