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Be More Knowledgeable: Mentoring at #IUSA14

When we talk to photographers that have attended Imaging USA, one of the comments we often hear is how easy it is to network with instructors, vendors and fellow photographers. You all love to share and exchange, talk shop, share best practices, and explain the photography techniques that have worked well for you. 

To get you going and facilitate the networking, Imaging USA offers two mentoring opportunities during the convention. The Coach's Corner and the PPA Photographic Competition Mentoring Program are both designed to help you be a(n even) better-rounded professional. After all, who couldn't use a little advice from a seasoned (and successful, that's key) photographer who's been in your shoes? 

Photographic Competition Mentoring
If you've ever entered PPA's International Photographic Competition (IPC), you know that earning a merit or having an image chosen to be part of the Loan collection is a very big accomplishment! It takes practice and effort to get your images to meet the 12 elements of a merit image (that's the standard by which images are judged at IPC). The process of preparing your images and entering an image competition is one of the best ways to improve your own photography skills.

However, it can be frustrating if you've entered a professional photographic competition and haven't had an image merit or become part of the Loan collection. Plus, the process can be intimidating for a first-timer. But you've got to go at it! And if you're considering entering into an image competition or fear it might not be for you, please consider signing up for a mentor session on Photographic Competition at Imaging USA.

You'll get to meet with a PPA International Juror who has actually scored images according to the 12 elements of a merit image at IPC. It's your chance to sit down with someone who knows what it takes to create winning images and discuss what you should consider when thinking about entering into a photographic competition. PPA mentors will offer ideas to help you improve your images and help you earn merits (or even get your work into the Loan collection!). After you sign up, be sure to bring sample images to the mentoring session to discuss (paper or digital)! 
Coach's Corner Mentoring
The other mentoring option at Imaging USA is geared toward the school, sports and events market photographers, or those who are looking to enter it. It's the Coach's Corner. The Coach's Corner mentoring sessions are your chance to get one-on-one advice from a successful photographer in this field. You'll be able to ask questions on business, your images or anything you want during your mini-coaching session! 

These two mentoring options are completely free and make a nice educational addition to all the great classes at Imaging USA. But, you might have guessed it: you'll want to sign up soon because (1) mentoring sessions are limited, and (2) they always "sell out" before the start of the conference! 

Sign up for a Photographic Competition Mentor session or a Coach's Corner session today and secure your spot! 

Just in case: you need to be registered for Imaging USA, but there is no additional fee for the mentoring sessions. So if you haven't already done so, here's where you go to register for Imaging USA! As a reminder, early bird registration ends on December 4th, so fees will automatically increase by $50 starting December 5th. 

For more information about Imaging USA go to: 

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