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Ask Prem Anything! - PPA Today

Ask Prem Anything!

By Sarah Ackerman

Prem Mukherjee - Imaging USA 2015 instructor and current PPAedu instructor stopped by theLoop this week for an AMA (Ask Me Anything). 

Prem is a wedding and portrait photographer from the great state of Michigan. After getting his degree in mechanical engineering, he spent the first 10 years of his career in corporate America before transitioning into running his studio full time. 

Prem puts the business into all sides of his photography studio - and that's clear in his AMA. By creating efficient systems and quick turnaround times, he is able to maximize profits!

Here are a few of our favorite moments with Prem: 

On what inspires him before a shoot (as a huge fan of social media, this struck a chord with me):
We primarily use Pinterest for inspiration before a shoot. It's quick and easy to use and seems to consist mostly of high quality professional photos as opposed to doing a Google image search.

On turnaround time:
First, I should put a disclaimer and say that we do not do a super-fast turnaround for all clients. Most clients of ours are local and we do the shoot one day and typically schedule the order session the next day they are available - which is sometimes the day after, sometimes a week after. For the clients that are really busy or for anyone coming from out of town...those are the times we do everything on the same day.
We usually do the shoot from 10am -11am, have them go grab lunch and come back at 1:30pm-2:00pm. By then everything is edited and the ProSelect gallery is made, and I've had time to eat lunch myself. 

On creating efficient systems:
For weddings, I cull things down quickly, do minor Lightroom adjustments for color, contrast, exposure to all the keepers, and then Photoshop the best 30 pics and then it's done.
For portraits we usually cull it down to about 40 shots and do full touchups including everything from skin softening to liquefy if needed.
People typically spend more when they are fully edited and look awesome! For the full portrait retouching, I use some various actions that allow me to do full retouching in 1-1.5 minutes per image so it doesn't take all that much time to get the work done.

Don't forget to stop by for Prem's class at Imaging USA! His class "Easy Techniques to Triple Your Dollars Per Hour" will take place on Monday, February 2. Register now if you haven't already done so! Registration information for Imaging USA is available at

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Sarah Ackerman is known around PPA as #Sarah in part because she handles all things social media and in order to differentiate herself from the other Sarah's in the office. Sarah loves improv comedy (think "Whose Line") and routinely performs around Atlanta. When she's not tweeting/facebooking/instagramming all of the action at PPA, she can be found gallivanting around the world or wandering around the woods with her pup, but more than likely she's on stage making people giggle.

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