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PPA Today: Imaging USA: February 2017 Archives

Imaging USA: February 2017 Archives

By Tristin Vaccaro

January has come and gone, and so has Imaging USA 2017. It was a week filled with fun, friendship, and learning and we know you're probably missing it just as much as we are. 

While we were sad to see it end, all of us here at PPA are thrilled by the memories and opportunities created for everyone in San Antonio. In order to help you (and us!) relive the awesomeness that was Imaging USA, we've perused the Internet to gather some of the best stories and testimonials from attendees. Enjoy!

From the Blog of Cristie Reddehase, B.A., M.Photog.M.Artist.Cr.
"As some of you may know, I LOVE to compete in the annual print competition held by PPA. This year was an extraordinary year for me. I was so glad that my friends and family were there to celebrate with me! I received Double Diamond Photographer of the Year. This means that during IPC, all 8 of my images were worthy of a merit and that all 8 of them were accepted into PPA's Loan collection. I'm the first female to ever accomplish this and also 1 of only 5 other photographers to ever receive this distinction."

From the Blog of Ron Vesely
"Not only was Imaging USA a great platform to share my experiences, techniques and general photo related insights from a baseball photographers perspective, but I had the chance to rub shoulders with some of the greatest photographers in the world! In particular, I had the privilege of spending some quality time with photo legends Dave Black and Ami Vitale, along with Nikon Professional Services Manager of Product Marketing, the one and only Mike Corrado. Great times, great stories!  The best part was witnessing a contest of Bear, Ninja and Hunter after the check for dinner arrived. You had to have been there to get the full effect, but think rock, paper, scissors. This spectacle alone was worth the flight to San Antonio!"

From the Blog of Amy Dokken, CPP
"Imaging USA was the first major photography convention that I've ever attended. I wasn't really sure what to expect. I chose to go mainly so that I could take my CPP exam and attend the portfolio reviews that were offered. I came away with so much more than I bargained for. I had downloaded the list of speakers in advance and combed through the schedule outlining the programs that sounded most interesting or relevant to my business. One I was particularly excited about was Jennifer Hudson's "The Handmade Life". It did not disappoint. Seriously, I could say Jennifer may have changed everything for me."

From the Blog of Lauren Nygard
"I was in San Antonio last week to attend the Professional Photographers of America's annual convention, Imaging USA. It was awesome for two reasons: (1) Imaging USA was an incredibly amazing experience, and I learned a lot from the speakers and other attendees, and (2) I got to spend a week with my family, which was kicked off with my dad's 60th birthday party!"

From the Blog of Suzette Allen Cr. Photog., CPP, API  
"I was recently at Imaging USA...The keynote speaker, Mel Robbins, was brilliant and her message was one I will not soon forget. In fact, it is probably one I will use the rest of my life. Its concept, clearly written in her book, "The 5 Second Rule:" (no, not the one about dropped food)???? describes how we make decisions every day, all day long, and many times we agonize or overthink or delay to get more information, etc., choosing to do something else, instead of taking action. We distract ourselves instead of taking positive action that would actually take us toward our goals and success! Each decision is made in about 5 seconds. The truth is, we KNOW what we SHOULD do. If we would just DO it, we would be far more successful.  For example, when the alarm goes off in the morning, we KNOW we need to get up. If we would just say "5-4-3-2-1" and GET UP, instead of laying there agonizing about the day, dreading what we need to face and hitting the snooze, we would be far more successful!...

So, while this concept is super simple, it is incredibly powerful. In fact it applies to almost every area of our lives. It certainly challenged me to start taking action and DOING the things I know I need to do but habitually avoid... Like exercise, blogging, phone calls, etc....and the list goes on...

Thank you, PPA, for the great programming at USA and for giving us tools to BE MORE. Your campaign is for real, and it is relevant."

And there you have it, some of our favorite memories of Imaging USA shared by photographers just like you! Consider sharing your Imaging USA stories, testimonials, or photos. It's super simple: just hop on over to your social media and use the hashtag #ImagingUSA. If you missed Imaging USA 2017, fear not. There will be plenty of memories to be made at Imaging USA 2018 in Nashville, TN!

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