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PPA Today: Imaging USA: September 2013 Archives

Imaging USA: September 2013 Archives

Start Imaging USA off with a bang (for your buck!) with the 2014 PPA Kickstart Scholarship. For the first time ever, PPAedu is sponsoring four scholarships for Imaging USA pre-convention classes, just because we want your Imaging USA experience to be more! You'll get that extra education boost you need, completely on us! Check out the rules and submission criteria to see if you qualify!
Heading to Phoenix for Imaging USA? Let's talk about how to get around town.

If you need an easy, economical way to get from Sky Harbor Airport to downtown Phoenix, and even around the city while you're there, consider the METRO Light Rail. For just $2 a ride, you can get to within walking distance of pretty much anywhere in Phoenix.
The Phoenix Convention Center has provided this handy Transportation Guide to help you get from the airport to the convention center. Looks pretty easy, doesn't it? Also check out the Imaging USA map that gives you step-by-step information for getting from the airport to the station, to the hotels.

Also, the easy-to-navigate Valley Metro website will answer any of the questions you may have regarding locations, frequency and cost. But we can do the last--$2 a ride, no matter your destination! You can even get a $4 day pass if you plan on riding more than twice, talk about value! If that doesn't convince you, remember that the City of Phoenix controls the rates of all the parking decks in the Downtown area. When a large conference like Imaging USA comes to town, they generally increase them to $20+ per day, with no in and out privileges. 

Wherever you need to go, try planning your trip on Valley Metro's website and see if the Light Rail is the best option. They offer a "Transit Trip Planner" feature, so you can map out the train schedules and getting to where you need to go. 

Renting a car can be expensive, and might not even be necessary in Phoenix. Plus, trying to drive around in a new city is just a flat-out pain in the butt. Make sure you give the Light Rail consideration when looking into your transportation options. Just look at those reviews on Yelp!
Check out all of your transportation options (and hotels too) in the Imaging USA travel page. 

Ride the Rail!

The last time Imaging USA was in Phoenix in 2009, Improv Everywhere hosted their first Light Rail No Pants Ride. Rumor has is that the 2014 version will be the Sunday of Imaging USA! So look out for casual, pantless Light Rail riders, don't be scared, and if you're brave, join in! An official announcement of the date should come in December, so we'll make sure to share it with everyone. 

If you're heading to Phoenix for Imaging USA (and you better be!), consider stopping by the Grand Imaging Awards to find out who will be crowned the Photographer of the Year!

Created by a group of your peers and members of the Photographic Exhibitions Committee
 (PEC), the Grand Imaging Awards was designed to promote the best of the best from the International Photographic Competition (IPC). It's all about the images from the most prolific, quality photographers in the industry... and that's why YOU are invited to this fourth annual celebration just for our PPA Diamond Photographers of the Year, IPC Medalists and the soon-to-be-announced Grand Imaging Award winners!

Trophies and cash prizes will be presented to the first-, second- and third-place photographers in six categories: Portrait, Illustrative, Commercial, Electronic Imaging, Albums and Wedding. The six first-place winners will walk away with $500 each. On top of that, one of those winners will be selected for the biggest award of the night: The PPA International Photographic Competition Grand Imaging Award (which comes with a sweet trophy and an additional $500). The ceremony will be held Monday night from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in room 301A of the Phoenix Convention Center. 

Images from all of the distinguished winners will be displayed on large screens during the celebration. In addition, the top 10 images in each Grand Imaging Awards category will be prominently displayed when the respective top photographers are celebrated on stage. We want everyone at Imaging USA to come celebrate them and find the inspiration you need to enter competitions! 

If you're considering entering future competitions and chasing merits and degrees, this is a great opportunity to rub elbows with the best in the business. These are people who take images specifically with competitions in mind to better themselves as photographers. You can chat with the winners and learn more about the competition process from real people. You can even snap a photo with the winners, you know, if you're into that sort of thing.

It's a big deal! Better yourself and in doing so help better the photography industry.

You can view a gallery of last year's GIA winners here. Until then, see you in Phoenix!


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