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PPA Today: Imaging USA: January 2012 Archives

Imaging USA: January 2012 Archives

1080-1.jpgCongratulations to the winners of PPA's 2012 Grand Imaging Awards. International Photographic Competition jurors selected the top images in six categories from PPA's 2011 Loan Collection. First place winners in each category received a $500 cash prize. And Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., of Garland, Texas, this year's overall Grand Imaging Award winner (image on left), received an additional $500 award!

Electronic Imaging
First Place: Dwaine Horton, M.Photog.Cr., "Untamed World"
Second Place: Sandra Pearce, MEI.Cr., "Easy Prey"
Third Place: Ben Shirk, "Next Level"

First Place: Doran Wilson, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, "Glock Exo"
Second Place: Matthew Weston, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, "Visual Sound"
Third Place: Shterion Shterionov, Cr.Photog., "Dos Lunas"

First Place: Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., "Deadman's Hand"
Second Place: Goodhue, M.Photog.Cr., CPP "Endless Love"
Third Place: Nancy Bailey-Pratt, "Eager to Answer"


First Place: J. Luis Guardia Peinado, "Castle Bridge"
Second Place: Larry Spencer, CPP, "Leading to You"
Third Place: J. Luis Guardia Peinado, "The Bridges of Love"


First Place (Tie): Myeoung Hwan Rim, "A United Family"
First Place (Tie): Richard Sturdevant, M.Photog.Cr., "Wicked"
Third Place: Joe Campanelli, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, "Bathed in Light"

First Place: Jennifer Hillenga, M.Photog.Cr., "Sometimes"
Second Place: Richard Carpenter, M.Photog., CPP, "Cowboy Down"
Third Place (Tie): Jerry Ghionis, "Wayne and Natalia"
Third Place (Tie): Mario Muñoz, M.Photog., "Kori and Patrick"

You can view a gallery of all the award winners on the Imaging USA Facebook page.

We would like to extend a big "thank you" to all PPA members who participated in Imaging USA 2012 in New Orleans. We know that it's not easy to leave your studio or your family, and we truly appreciate your dedication to your craft and desire to play an active role in the industry.

For those of you who attended Imaging USA, we hope you not only had a great time, but also walked away with big, new ideas and information, exciting equipment and friendships with fellow photographers. Those are the sorts of resources that can turn your photographic dreams into reality--whether they are dreams of increased sales, more bookings, new product lines or rekindled passions.

The next step is applying what you learned to your own life. When you do that, you give yourself the opportunity to grow as a photographer and businessperson--that's when the experience becomes truly worthwhile!

However, if you weren't able to make it to New Orleans, don't forget that you can find out what happened during the show by visiting the Imaging USA social networking sites. Attendees and PPA staff posted updates, photos and video clips throughout the show:

Thank you again to all attendees, volunteers and exhibitors, and we hope to see you next year in Atlanta for Imaging USA 2013. But for now, good luck living your dreams...more successfully than ever!

Really, it all boils down to one simple fact: Knowing what to expect beforehand IS half the battle to your success...especially at Imaging USA! Rest assured, this is not a battlefield (and we're not suggesting that you attend in full medieval dress), but take our advice and prep, prep, prep!

Whether you're a newcomer to the scene or an avid annual attendee, it never hurts to listen to others' recommendations about how to prepare for and successfully navigate Imaging USA. So, where do you begin? What do you need to bring and do to get the most out of this adventure?

Used Camera Buyer (booth 201) will be attending Imaging USA on Jan. 15-17th 2012 with checkbook in hand to pay you instantly for your gear. So bring your used or unwanted camera equipment and they will make you an offer that you can't refuse! If you would like to avoid carrying that heavy gear through the show call 1-866-735-5444 x 218 to make an appointment to meet before or after the show.

Used Camera Buyer will purchase all format film cameras, digital cameras, lenses, flash equipment and more. In addition, they will still buy Hasselblad, Mamiya, Bronica and other film gear. There's no need to bring backdrops, props, long roll cameras and darkroom equipment, regrettably we cannot purchase these. Be sure to ask about their 5% show bonus!

Questions? Call 1-866-735-5444 x 218 or email If you are not able to visit Used Camera Buyer at the show remember they make firm offers and as always offer free inbound shipping and insurance on your quote.
XP PhotoGear will release two new products at Imaging USA: AirBox and Z Pro Bracket. Both products will be displayed at Arlington Camera, Booth 453. The AirBox is the first wind-resistant softbox, utilizing wind tunnel technology with light dispersion technology, giving the photographic industry the first wind resistant light modifier on the market.

The internal air flow system guides the air through the box - the open holes in the front allowxp_airbox_blog.jpg air to flow through the softbox. Users can regulate air flow by opening and closing the air vents on the side of the softbox as needed. As you open the vents, you are also regulating the light value of the softbox. The inner air flow baffle helps provide light dispersion throughout the box. Remove the inner baffle and create a hot spot with a vignette.

The AirBox is a standard 24x32 studio softbox that can easily and quickly be converted to a wind resistant softbox for outdoor or location photographers/videographers.

The Z Pro Bracket system will utilize current studio light modifiers for location photography. With custom designed adaptor plates, lighting accessories from Profoto, Photogenic, Norman, Aurora, Westcott, Bowen, Interfit, and Cheetah can easily be attached to the Z Pro Bracket. The Z Pro Bracket is compatible with all flash systems such as Nikon, Canon, Quantum, Olympus and is fully functional, adaptable and specifically designed to work with most wireless receivers, such as Pocket Wizard TT5, and many others.

There is virtually no limit to off camera flash modifiers that can be used with the Z Pro Bracket system. It will allow photographers and videographers to easily take their studio lighting equipment on location.

xp_zpro_blog.jpgThe Z Pro Bracket works with all major brand studio accessories.

The AirBox and Z Pro Bracket systems will be among the products showcased at Arlington Camera Booth 453 during Imaging USA, January 15-17 in New Orleans.

XP PhotoGear is a photographic distribution company based in Fort Worth, TX. It serves all photographers seeking 21st century innovation and inspiration. Products include: AirBox, Z Pro Bracket, Spike Extensions, Focus X Band, and all LiteShaper products. For more information contact the company at 817-726-4781 or visit them online at
pedi_headshot_blog.jpgWhat does it take to succeed in portrait photography? Let's ask someone in business for 20 years now: Ed Pedi, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, one of your Imaging USA instructors!

Ed had his first taste of photography when he started capturing nature images as a hobby. But it wasn't until he took a course (on posing and lighting people) at a local college that Ed knew he had to pursue a career as a portrait photographer.

"I was hooked and fell in love with the concept of photographing families and preserving their family portrait history," Ed remembers.  

Having lost his own mother to cancer at a young age, Ed has always regretted not having a professional family portrait of his parents and siblings. That regret motivates him to capture other families. "I feel very strongly that every family should have a beautiful family portrait to preserve their history, and my goal is to educate potential clients on the value of such portraits," he adds.

How to Succeed in the Industry
It's a worthy goal, but it's not that alone that helped Ed get to this twentieth year in business.pedi1.jpg Succeeding in the photography industry requires, as he says, four main steps: smart marketing, great photography, strong sales skills, and superior customer service.

By strengthening all four of those areas, Ed's studio has become one of the most successful family/children portrait studios in New England. However, like many pro photographers, he's been challenged by amateurs entering the market and "touting themselves as professional photographers while giving away their images for practically no cost."

To overcome this challenge, Ed says you just need to make a little effort educating the consumer.

pedi2.jpg"SHOW them the huge difference there is in a well-lit, beautifully posed portrait that captures real expressions and personalities," he explains. "By creating a demand for you and your style of photography, you can easily help your clients understand the professional difference and why we are worth what we charge."

Learn How at Imaging USA
Want to learn more how to create such demand? Want more details about how Ed achieved success in the portrait market...and how you can too? Don't miss his "Four Steps to Portrait Success" class, sponsored by Miller's Professional Imaging, on January 16 at Imaging USA!

You'll leave this class with a great understanding of what it takes to succeed in portrait photography. And there's still time to register!pedi4.jpg

Read more about Ed Pedi here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.


PPA Charities is hosting their annual PPA Charities Celebration at Imaging USA (January 14 at 8:00pm), and their auction this year includes some pretty amazing items. Personal one-on-one education from industry leaders. Educational retreats to Texas School (even to sold-out classes) and beyond. Breathtaking art pieces. A seven-day dream vacation to Cabo San Jose, Mexico. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

These "Spotlight Packages" range from $1,200 - $6,000 in value, and for the first time ever, you can start bidding early! Jump online, browse the choices, determine which ones speak to you most, and bid to make it yours (and help PPA Charities and Operation Smile, to boot).  See the list and learn how the pre-bidding process works here.
peters_larry_headshot_blog.jpgPhotography may not be a get-rich-quick scheme, but with business smarts, you can grow your sales into a tidy sum! Just look at Larry Peters, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., an Imaging USA instructor who has been a senior photographer for over 35 years. Today, his Peters Photography business has grown to include three studios in Central Ohio with gross sales of over $2 million per year.

Larry will show Imaging USA attendees how he's accomplished such success during his "Successful Senior Sales with Little Effort" class on January 17.

Starting Out
Larry was originally attracted to the photography business while serving as the faculty advisorpeters1.jpg to a high school newspaper. He taught the kids to use the camera for the newspaper...then got hooked and started photographing students, weddings and portrait work himself.

While his studio today also does children and family portraits, high school seniors are Larry's specialty. "I feel I've developed my own style photographing seniors and am still coming up with new and better ways to do the job that I still love!"

His ability to innovate in this way is just the skill that has helped grow his success.  In fact, Larry was one of the first photographers to do outdoor senior portraits way back in 1973. He also popularized the use of projection and large packages for senior sales in 1980.

Larry was also one of the first photographers to shoot seniors in black-and-white high contrast and to use white-on-white photography. He also invented the "Eyelighter" photography reflector in 1990, which helps give a "glamour" look to senior portraits.

"I love developing ideas that have not previously been done with seniors over the years," he explains.

Making the Sale
peters3.jpgOne idea that is not new--just not often understood--is the value of photography. When it comes to selling their senior photographs, Larry says that many photographers undervalue their work. That's one of the challenges he'll help you overcome during his Imaging USA class.

"I think I can help my peers learn why it is so important to charge the proper price for their work," he says. "Plus, I can show them a proven method for getting larger sales from seniors!"

As you can see, Larry loves to share his innovations and knowledge! He has authored two books on senior photography and regularly speaks on the subject at photographic events like Imaging USA and the Texas School, where he has taught a class for 20 years.

Don't miss out on your chance to learn from this accomplished senior photographer!

Read more about Larry Peters here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Triple Scoop Music is the leading music licensing service for Professional Photographers worldwide, as well as a PPA Affinity partner. This week TSM is launching their new music licensing site with some big upgrades. The new site,, features a powerful music search engine, enhanced music player and more than 10,000 songs hand-picked for Photo and Video themes such as Weddings, Portraits, Children, High School Seniors, Boudoir and more. To complement the new website, Triple Scoop Music is launching a new featured video featuring gorgeous images and award-winning music. See (and hear) what TSM is all about at Imaging USA, booth 222.

Join Imaging USA for a night of partying in the Big Easy with a rockin' band: 50 Amp Fuse! They'll help you dance the night away at our Canon-sponsored Big.Bayou.Bash. party, starting at 8:00pm on January 15. Can't come to Imaging USA for the whole time? Single day passes (which include the parties like the Big. Bayou. Bash.) are still available at on-site!

Check out a video of 50 Amp Fuse below.

Westcott will be exhibiting at the upcoming Imaging USA Photographic Convention and Expo January 15-17, 2012. Individuals attending the show can find Westcott in Booth 1410.

Exclusive to the Imaging USA Expo, the Ice Lightâ„¢ will be making its first appearance. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the Ice Lightâ„¢ in action at the booth as well as gain education on photography from Top Pro Photographers like Joel Grimes, Lou Freeman, James Schmelzer and many more!

The Ice Lightâ„¢ will also be available for pre-order at the show for a discounted price. Purchases can be made at the following dealers attending the show: Adorama, Arlington Camera, Dury's Photo, Midwest Photo Exchange, Showcase and Southeastern Camera.

About The F.J. Westcott Company

The F.J. Westcott Company is an industry-leading producer of photography and video lighting products. Founded in 1899, F.J. Westcott pioneered the photography light control industry, and today offers a complete portfolio of lighting equipment, light modifiers, backgrounds and accessories to professionals, enthusiasts and consumers. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, F.J. Westcott consists of brands including Westcott® professional lighting equipment, Photo Basics® enthusiast and educational lighting products, and a background rental service

Black River Imaging, known for their beautiful lineup of wedding albums and books, leads the photography industry with a revolutionary new ordering software called Cascade. As photographers build their album, they preview a real-time virtual version which reduces order errors and saves design time. And now, a 3-D preview of the completed album can be easily shared via Facebook, blog or website. Hands-on demos of Cascade's 3-D "Publish Preview" will be shown at Imaging USA in booth #307 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center from January 15-17, 2012.

At its core, Cascade's virtual interface allows the photographer to build and flip through an album or book in 3-D. The user can visualize the cover colors, textures and inside pages of a book as it is designed. Photographers can drag and drop album layouts they have created on their own, or have the ability to create on the fly with a large library of select layouts for the perfect fit.
Upon completing an album, the photographer selects Cascade's Publish Preview option. With one click, a 3-D preview downloads to the photographer's desktop as a standalone version or for use on her website. Alternatively, photographers who promote themselves via a blog or Facebook, click embeddable code for their blog site or click a Facebook "share" button. In each instance, a 3-D album preview with optional royalty-free Triple Scoop Music appears on their website, blog or Facebook wall. 
"Second only to holding an album in your hands, Publish Preview allows photographers to wow potential clients with a virtual version," said Brandon Hedgpeth, Marketing Director of Black River Imaging. "One wedding photographer raved that Publish Preview is so effective, his clients immediately go quiet and then ask which package will get them the album."

Simply put, Cascade from Black River Imaging is a high powered tool, created to help photographers differentiate themselves with easy album ordering and online marketing options.
Black River Imaging has been serving professional photographers for over 40 years, offering photo albums and wall prints, as well as novelty and sports products. Live chat and friendly customer service is available Monday through Friday, 8:00am-10:00pm CST on its website,, or by phone at 1-888-321-4665.
Gina Alexander Photo Handbags (Booth #1134) has announced a show special during Imaging USA. During the Imaging Expo, join the VIP Membership Group and get a personalized Photo Luggage Carry-On as a bonus! Photo Luggage is a new product from Ginaginaalexander_photoluggage.png Alexander (see image on right) personalized with the image of your choice. Photo Luggage meets carry-on requirements of all airlines, is heavy-duty and scratch proof and meets TSA padlock requisites.

  • Normal Package price = $1399 (includes $1563 in product samples alone!)
  • Photo Luggage Retail Value = $425
  • TOTAL VALUE = $1824
  • IMAGING USA SPECIAL PRICE = $999 - That's a 45% SAVINGS!

Or, join Gina Alexander's Executive Membership Group for $399 - 20% savings.

Pre-Imaging USA Special

Prior to Imaging USA, Gina Alexander will offer an additional $100 off the VIP package price, making the total $899 - a full 50% savings.

The company will also offer an additional $50 off the Executive package price, making the total $349 - 30% in total savings. These additional offers expire January 6th at 8PM PST, so act quickly! 
Instead of fumbling to find a CF card during the wedding ceremony, grab one seamlessly from a zip pocket on your hip with PhotoPantz, a women's professional photography pant. These pants will make their grand appearance at this year's Imaging USA. Swing by booth #1603 in New Orleans at the Ernest N. Morial convention center from Jan 15-17 to grab a pair.

Women photographers love PhotoPantz because they offer a combination of style and a myriad of easy access pockets. They are sleek, fitted black pants with a high waist, covering all your assets - even when you're kneeling low for the perfect shot.

As a wedding photographer on the go, these designer pants match the flow of your day. In addition to a zip pocket on your hip, you have front and rear pockets for hands, lipstick, lens caps or lens cloths, a cell phone pocket on the side of one thigh and a business card pocket on the other.  Imagine never having to fumble in your bag again to supply a vendor a business card?

The pants range from size 2-18 and come in two different fabric choices for summer and winter. All pants will be on display and available to try onsite at Imaging USA 2012.

"PhotoPantz solves the ever-lasting problem for wedding photographers,'What should I wear?' and makes it easy to have access to important items throughout the day and look great while you're doing it" says Wendy Roe, an Oregon wedding photographer.

PhotoPantz was founded in 2010 by Washington based wedding and portrait photographer, Julie Watts and is the first ever shooting pant designed especially for women photographers.
Want to make your images better? Want to uncover the elements of an image's perfection or potential flaws? At Imaging USA, you have several chances to push for excellence this way. You can browse the International Photographic Exhibit, full of award-winning images from the 2011 International Photographic Competition. Even better, you can get free critiques and advice on your own images from some of the jurors who judge that competition, too--invaluable for fine-tuning your daily work. All you have to do is email Sarah Johnston (with "Mentor Booth" as the subject line) to schedule a mentor appointment! Better sign up fast, though--these free mentoring spots are filling up! 

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