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PPA Today: Imaging USA: December 2010 Archives

Imaging USA: December 2010 Archives

Join us at the FREE PPA Charities Celebration event at Imaging USA on January 15, 2011, in San Antonio! Along with celebrating and enjoying the camaraderie, there will be great items to buy at live and silent auctions. Here's the most recent list of items to be auctioned:

  • LIVE AUCTION: Richard Sturdevant's "The Deadman's Hand" 30x40 Framed Canvas
  • LIVE AUCTION: Spend a Week at Deep Creek Lake! - The high bidder will win a week's stay at Jim and Ann Monteith's lake house at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. Offered on May 7-13, 2011, the lake-side home has 5 bedrooms and 5 baths, sleeps 12, and would be perfect for a family vacation, business meeting or for hosting your own workshop.
  • LIVE AUCTION: Package of all Doug Gordon Products - $1700
  • RAFFLE: Texas School "Bonanza Basket" - Worth over $6,000, this item contains educational products donated by some of the 2011 Texas School instructors.
  • SILENT AUCTION: Bid on Workshops, Equipment, Software, Mentoring and More!

The list of auction items is growing daily, so check back to see what's been added to the list, from a $250 gift certificate from AsukaBook to the Full Creative Pak from Kobota Image Tools ($899). Learn more here.

Photographers better plan ahead, for Photo Pie has announced that it will exhibit at Imaging EXPO, the Imaging USA trade show, in San Antonio, Texas, January 16-18, 2011.

Photo Pie will be featuring new, unique styles in backgrounds and wardrobe pieces, demonstrating how photographers can bring these ingredients together for a new, innovative look that will set them apart from their peers and bring new life to their businesses.

Specializing in backgrounds, wardrobe pieces and educational material to help complete a fresh style in photography, Photo Pie sees the Imaging EXPO as an excellent opportunity to make face-to-face contact with customers and show how they can bring new life to a photographer's business.

"Photographers, wardrobe stylists and imaging professionals are the very core of our business," says Jeremy Smith, owner of Photo Pie. "And Imaging USA is the premier place to meet and engage them."

If professional photographers want first crack at some great show specials and the chance to ask Photo Pie specialists their questions, join them at the upcoming Imaging USA in January.

freeman_headshot.jpgLou Freeman has been working as a photographer for over 29 years. Creative from an early age, her first photos were published at the age of 13. Since then, she has worked as a fashion and advertising photographer for many publications and brands, including Playboy, Italian Harpers Bazaar, Sara Lee/Hanes Brand and many others.

"The magic formed for me as a photographer when I realized I could join the technical side of photography to art and fashion," adds Freeman. That combination made her fall head over heels for photography.

After a 12-year career at Playboy and several years working for Italian Harpers Bazaar, it is easy to see why many people consider Freeman a fashion and advertising photographer. However, Freeman prefers to call herself an "image facilitator."

"I design images that bring on a brand for my clients to promote themselves with or for afreeman1.jpeg product they want to sell," she explains.

Freeman was one of the first female photographers at Playboy and sees her time there as significant because of the lighting techniques she developed. "The lighting I created with the magazine shaped my lighting for my life as a photographer," she says. She's even writing a book about her experiences at the magazine.

However, what she sees as one of her greatest accomplishments is the work she did in Europe for Italian Harpers Bazaar. "The experience was a validation for me," notes Freeman. "I felt that, for the first time, my vision was able to stand alone and compete in the industry. This opened the door for the hundreds of shoots I have accomplished at magazines, department stores, clothing campaigns and advertising campaigns."

If you want to learn how to apply Freeman's high-fashion photography techniques to your portraiture, be sure to attend her "From Fashion to Portraiture: Interacting with the Model" Imaging USA class on January 18.

freeman2.jpegFreeman says that her class will teach you to step up your creativity and make "killer photographic statements" of your own. "The world is changing and everyone is looking for the 'wow' factor in the photographers they hire," she adds. "You must deliver the best creative efforts you are capable of in every shoot you create."

If you're ready to make your portrait clients look like fashion models, Freeman's class is one you won't want to miss!

Read more about Lou Freeman here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Aurora Lite Bank, a major player in the development and manufacturing of studio flash and LED lighting products and accessories, announces the appointment of Pakor, Inc. as their exclusive distributor for the Aurora brand in the U.S. photo and broadcasting channel. Pakor has been a distributor of photographic equipment and supplies for nearly 100 years.

"I am very happy that we could appoint Pakor, Inc. as our U.S. distributor of the Aurora Lite Bank brand of studio flash, softbox and LED lighting products and accessories." said Kevin Ko, Aurora Lite Bank President. "This new distribution channel offers us the opportunity to promote and offer our Aurora brand of products nationwide in the U.S. through a well established U.S. distributor."

Jeff Nylund, Pakor Vice President, Sales & Marketing said, "We are pleased to work with Aurora and promote their quality brand in the U.S.  Aurora's technology driven products further enhance Pakor's strategy of bringing new technology to the market."

"We will shortly be introducing some new Aurora products that will be leading edge technology", added Bob Leidlein, Pakor Director of Business Development. "We will feature the new Orion studio flash kits at Imaging USA, booth no. 745 in January, 2011. We will also showcase the new Aurora line of LED constant lights that substantially reduce energy costs while providing soft, focused light with consistent color temperature. These lights are lightweight and portable. To compliment this portability feature, Aurora will introduce a new battery pack that will have a battery life up to two hours."
forester_headshot.jpg"I was always creative, and it just took me a while to find something that I could really become passionate about," remembers Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of Beth Forester Photography in Madison, W.V. That something was (obviously) photography, and she feels lucky that it found her.

Owner of a portrait studio for about 15 years, she believes that her photography makes her a type of historian. "If you think about it, I capture the history in people's lives each and every day," explains Forester, who was a history major in college. "I am lucky to have a profession that is so meaningful and rewarding."

In fact, Forester specializes in "capturing the history" in teen's lives--she's a senior portrait photographer. She loves immortalizing those special moments for her seniors, and senior portraits form the perfect product line in her economically depressed town. It's a win-win!

"I found that people in my area would spend more on portraits when they knew it was aforester1.jpg 'one-time' thing," adds Forester. "Kids only graduate from high school once. Plus, parents always want to get their children the things that weren't available to them when they were children. So I found that most people would spend over their budget to make their teens happy."

Even after discovering the perfect product line for her area and spending years in the business, Forester says that you should approach every day as a challenge (as she does). It could be a challenge to do better work, a challenge to reach out to your next potential client, a challenge to increase your average sale, or a challenge to be more creative.

"I've seen so many photographers become complacent in their business. Then, a few years down the road, they lose a lot of their client base and have trouble getting new people in the door," Forester says. "My philosophy is 'if you're not moving forward, you're getting left behind.'  So every day I challenge myself to keep moving forward, to be a better photographer and to be a better businessperson."

forester2.jpgWant to learn how Forester has found success in the senior market year after year? Attend her "Seniors My Way!" Imaging USA pre-convention class on January 14 (for an additional $129 fee). She'll be teaching the course with fellow senior photographer Jim Lersch, M.Photog.Cr., API, F-PPO.

Forester says she'll share the "nitty-gritty details" on how to make money in the senior market. "I'll share everything I know about trying to get a higher average sale and marketing to next year's crop of senior clients."

After all, if you're ready to keep moving forward in your photography business, why not learn from someone who is doing just that?

Beth Forester has earned 13 Loan Collection images, 10 Kodak Gallery Awards as well as the prestigious PPA AN-NE Award for her marketing. She has been featured in various magazines, such as Rangefinder, Professional Photographer and WV Executive.

Read more about Beth here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Want to attend the Imaging EXPO at Imaging USA in San Antonio but can't make it to the conference itself? Have we got the deal for you: Register for a FREE Imaging EXPO pass!

The Imaging EXPO trade show is worth the Texas trip itself (and if you live in the area, even better!). This is one of the first major industry events of the year, and companies will be showing all their new products. Featuring some 600 booths, the Imaging EXPO is your chance to get great deals on the hottest products and services you need...and gather up ideas that will ignite your creative fire.

Go to to register for your FREE pass to the Imaging EXPO. While passes will be for sale on-site in San Antonio, why not register online now and get that free pass? Besides saving money, you'll greatly cut down on your wait time at the Imaging USA registration area, meaning that you can start browsing the trade show and its great deals faster!

Speaking of those great deals, don't forget that many of the vendors at the Imaging EXPO are offering show-special discounts and offers. Listed below are just a few of the companies offering specials at the trade show:

Albums Unlimited
Arlington Camera
Armadillo Photo Supply
Cash Flow Solutions
Colorado Timberline
CPQ Professional Imaging
Exclusive Albums
Hill & Usher Insurance
Hollywood Fotofix
Image Wizards/ AluminArte
Imaging Spectrum
Inspirational Cutouts
Jill-e Designs
Kimbra Studios
Kotori (Photo Jewelry)
Larson Enterprises
Lenzart Professional Lab
The Levin Company
Lustre Color
Neil Enterprises
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Photo Floors
Radio Popper
Richmond Professional Lab
Rotec Photo Cutters
Simply Canvas
Send Out Cards
Tyndell Photographic

For a complete list of exhibiting companies and the show-special offers, click here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

(And of course, if you want to absorb the great education available at Imaging USA itself--but are short on time--you can always register for a single day.)
groupphead.jpgJason Groupp has been involved with photography since he was 15 years old. In fact, he started working for a wedding photographer when he was still in high school. Now in the business for 23 years, Groupp has become known for his unique wedding images, as well as his commercial and editorial work for clients like J. Crew, Conair/Cuisineart and Men's Health.

Despite having done work in the advertising and editorial sector, Groupp says that he still loves shooting weddings. "Wedding photography found me at a young age, not the other way around!"

Before any of this happened, though, Groupp says he always felt destined for a career in some form of creative art. His mother is a fashion designer, and his father was a sound engineer who specialized in creating gadgets for rock stars in the '70s.On top of that, his brother is a painter!

"I grew up around creative people my whole life, so in a sense, with the way I was raised, itgroupp1.jpg would have been weird for me not to find a creative outlet," adds Groupp about his childhood. And he knew photography was the career for him from the first time he saw the latent image come up on his first pinhole camera shot in a darkroom.

Now, Groupp says that his longevity in the industry is the accomplishment he's most proud of: "Staying relevant in this business as a professional, no matter what field of expertise you're in, is hard work!"

Groupp's great images are one reason he's stayed relevant so long. If you want to learn how he gets his off-camera lighting just right--without complex, expensive set-ups--be sure to attend his "Shoestring TTL: Lighting That Won't Break Your Budget" Imaging USA class on January 17.

groupp2.jpg"Off-camera lighting is hard, but it doesn't have to be," Groupp explains. "I find all too often that many photographers get frustrated with using lighting, so they just stop doing it. Part of it is the gear, and part of it is the user.  I also find that once we learn how to 'use' the gear, many photographers simply don't know where to 'stick' the lights.  I'm going to show you where to 'stick' it so you don't forget it."

Groupp adds that his class is unique because he doesn't believe that anyone has ever broken down specific lighting set-ups and diagrammed them in a way that is easy to remember and take home. "To prove it, I'm going to do it live right in front of everyone," he says.

You won't want to miss it!

Read more about Jason Groupp here.

Read more about Imaging USA here


Dear PPA Member

There's a countdown clock on a website that thrills me. Today, it says 37 days to go...until Imaging USA. Soon, about 10,000 photographers, PPA staff and fearless volunteers will descend on San Antonio, Texas. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, so I'm looking forward to being taller. (What? No? Awww...)

This also means that I have 37 days left until I get to see some of my favorite people--PPA members--and meet some new members of our family. Just 37 days until I can see the latest cool stuff at the Imaging EXPO and celebrate talented and dedicated photographers at the Grand Imaging Awards and the PPA Award & Degree Ceremony. And by the time Tuesday night rolls around and the dance floor at the closing party gets packed, we will have already begun planning for Imaging USA 2012 in the Big Easy (actually, we are already planning it!).

As an attendee, you've probably already got a plan to get the most out of Imaging USA 2011, right? If not, this Vital Signs has some tips and suggestions, including what to bring. Read on and get prepared because we're bringing the heat.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. Whether you already incorporate music into your workflow or you are looking to, don't forget about PPA's newest Affinity Partner: Triple Scoop Music. Not only to they have over 7,000 songs to choose from, but PPA members get a discount on any Triple Scoop Music song purchase. Learn more about the new benefit here.

Gordon_Doug.gifDoug Gordon, Cr.Photog, F-SWPP, founder of Patken Photographer, is recognized as one of the top wedding photographers in the country. He is also a recognized expert in the industry and a sought-after speaker, even hosting his own seminars through Doug Gordon Workshops. However, Gordon originally set out on a very different path.

Calling himself a "failed baseball player," Gordon was scouted as a pitcher by MLB teams asgordon1.jpg a sophomore in high school. He loved the game of baseball, and thought he was set to go pro. "That being said, I wasn't a great student. I didn't think I needed to be," remembers Gordon. "I graduated high school with a GPA of 74 and scored 880 on the SAT, of which 800 points were for signing my name."

He was first introduced to wedding photography by his father, who, in addition to working two jobs, was a wedding photographer on the weekends. As a child, Gordon would assist his father at wedding shoots. "I just loved being with my dad," he says. "Little did I know how much I was learning about photography and, more importantly, life."

gordon2.jpgWhen he was 16, Gordon's parents opened up a storefront studio. It was here that Gordon had his first experience photographing a wedding by himself. A panicked bride and groom had come into the studio after their wedding photographer walked out on them, and Gordon's father told them his son could handle it.

"I loved it. It was like being on stage. I was loud and in control," Gordon recalls. "Although I still didn't see myself being a wedding photographer, I now had something besides baseball that I loved."

Eighteen months later, Gordon ripped the rotator cuff in his throwing shoulder, ending his baseball career. Luckily, he had photography to turn to: "I had that fallback thing I never knew I was prepared for!"

Gordon has now been a wedding photographer for the last 21 years. But even after those 21 years, he says that wedding photography is as exciting and entertaining for him as it was at the beginning.

"I am a crazy romantic," he explains. "I love being involved. I am a sap, and I cry more oftengordon3.jpg then I would like to admit at weddings. The connections, the love, the dream...I honestly just love feeling romance, and what better place to do it than a wedding?"

Since his company, Patken Photographer, now shoots over 1,000 weddings a year, Gordon has plenty of opportunity to feed his romantic soul. How has he grown so successful? He believes that a large part of the credit goes to the consistency of his wedding images.

"I live by systems and being able to get the job done under any situation," says Gordon. "I always have a plan and know what I need to accomplish. Too many photographers wait for the moment to happen. I make the moment. I believe that it's what happens in the pose that makes it natural. I believe in feeling the moment and seeing more."

If you want to learn the posing techniques that Gordon uses to capture unique yet natural-looking wedding photos, don't miss his "Got Flow? Posing is Back" Imaging USA class on January 17. Gordon will share over 200 poses with you in the class!

gordon4.jpg"There are a lot of things in life that will catch your eye, but very few that capture your heart," adds Gordon. "Those are the things I will teach photographers to capture in this class."

Read more about Doug Gordon and Patken Photographer here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.


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