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PPA Today: Imaging USA: November 2010 Archives

Imaging USA: November 2010 Archives

coates_bobhead.jpgAlways interested in art, Bob Coates, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of Bob Coates Photography in Sedona, Ariz., had never before been able to get what he saw in his head on paper. Then, he began taking photographs in 1983 with an SLR camera that he borrowed from a friend.

"Things started to change as I experimented with photography over a number of years," Coates says.

In 1995, Coates took his interest in photography to the professional level. After selling his share in a restaurant he had helped run, he opened up Bob Coates Photography and has been in business ever since.

"Photography is only the second job I've had that did not bore me after a year or two," adds Coates. Perhaps that is due to his "specialty in not specializing," for he does everything from weddings to product photography. "Cross-pollinating the different types of photography has kept things interesting," he explains. "When I start to feel that something is getting repetitious, I push a little harder into the next genre."

Coates knows from his 15-year experience in running a photography business that thecoates1.jpg photography field is highly competitive. You must have great images as well as great marketing and business practices in order to stay ahead of the curve.

"Nowadays, it's about keeping ahead of all the 'faux-tographers' who haven't learned their craft and are giving the work away!" he says.

Coates will show you how he stays ahead of the competition in his "Get Your Name Out There Without Spending (Much) Money" Imaging USA class on Tuesday, January 18. Proper design and use of business cards, press releases, print displays, website optimization and partnership marketing are just some of the ideas he will share in this fast-paced, information-packed class.

"It takes personality, perseverance and planning to get your name in front of your perspective clients," Coates adds. He has first hand experience with all three, and he's ready to share!

Read more about Coates here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

coates3.jpgBob Coates is the author of "Photographer's Guide to Wedding Album Design" and "Sales and Strategies and Techniques for Digital Photographers." His work has been featured in many magazines, including National Geographic, Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, Shutterbug and many more.


Everyone talks about "going green," but this year, members who attend Imaging USA's Imaging EXPO can "get GREEN" with the pre-approval program offered through PPA's Affinity Partner, United Funding.

This year's Imaging EXPO trade show in San Antonio, Texas (January 16-18, 2011) will have some of the latest and greatest equipment on the market. And with the exclusive show specials, it's the best time to buy! Make that buying easier by getting your financing in place prior to Imaging USA.

Why should you participate in United Funding's pre-approval program?

  • PPA members get an additional 2% rebate on all transactions funded through United Funding (up to $1,000).
  • Unlike putting the expense of new equipment on a credit card, bank loan or home equity loan, this debt does NOT appear on your credit report and will not adversely affect your credit scores or ratios.
  • Vendors will know you're serious about purchasing equipment when they see the green "approved" sticker on your Imaging USA registration badge. They will know you're part of United Funding's pre-approval program, which will speed up your transactions and help you get the equipment you want now with no hassle. (Your pre-approval is a great way to let vendors know that you mean business and deserve their attention.)

Managing your cash flow and paying for your income-producing photography equipment (it helps generate your revenue!) are always sound business practices...especially in these challenging economic times. United Funding just makes it easier.

If you apply to "get GREEN" and are approved, you'll receive an approved certificate and green pre-approved sticker in the mail. (You can also pick up a copy of your certificate and sticker from United Funding in the Imaging EXPO at booth 1153.)

Getting the green light for the Imaging EXPO is easy! PPA members can apply today or call Bob Bell at 800-685-7571 for more information.
caylorhead.jpgCarl Caylor, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-WPPA, of Photo Images by Carl in Iron Mountain, Mich., has been working professionally in the photography industry for 23 years. His motivations for becoming a photographer are simple: He enjoys photography and he gets to do what he loves for a living.

"Plus, I thought photography would help me avoid working with computers...what happened?" Caylor jokes.

When he first started in the photography business, Caylor worked in photojournalism and sports photography and performed darkroom technician duties. He loved the darkroom and was very comfortable dealing with custom work in color and black and white. This experience provided him with a solid background that has come in handy ever since he opened his own photography business 15 years ago.

Now, Caylor specializes in senior photography. Why the shift? He enjoys the challengescaylor1.jpg seniors present.

"Seniors are exciting to work with because many want to out-do their classmates," he explains. "It is a fun journey to have them push me and still produce something that is timeless and artistically powerful."

Caylor also admits that he enjoys working with seniors because it is a great way to hang on to his youth. "I don't feel the years slipping by me like I see happening to many of my friends in other careers," he adds.

If you want to learn how Caylor has achieved success in senior photography, don't miss "The Senior Experience" Imaging USA class on January 17, 2011, at 3:30pm.

caylor2.jpgThrough the use of video and live workflow demonstrations, Caylor will share what a high school senior experiences in his studio. You'll learn about lighting, posing and searching for the best backgrounds and locations. You'll also see custom print enhancements and finished images from the actual "senior experience."

"My class will help photographers have better interactions with subjects and guests," Caylor says. "You need to remember to always sell, always promote, always deliver the best you can and always educate."

Read more about Carl Caylor here.

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Carl Caylor has earned 18 PPA Loan Collection images and several Kodak Gallery and Fujicaylor3.jpg Masterpiece Awards. He has also earned numerous Wisconsin state awards, including Photographer of the Year two years in a row. His work has been seen in Professional Photographer, Rangefinder, In-Foto, American Photo, Kodak ads, WHCC ads and several photographic education books.


GIA.jpgYou like photography, right? Do you like to grab drinks with your friends? Do you like getting cash? (Silly questions, huh?) Well, you'll have a chance to combine all of that at Imaging USA's Grand Imaging Awards!

This new, one-hour celebration gives you the chance to cheer on the recently crowned Photographers of the Year (from the International Photographic Competition), have fun with your friends and still have plenty of time for dinner Monday night. You'll be able to view award-winning images and learn who earned the brand-new Grand Imaging Awards, which honor the overall winner of each category. And even if you're not a Photographer of the Year, you could win a chance in the "money box" to grab some cash!

So mark it on your Imaging USA calendar and join us for drinks, award-winning images, and a chance to win cash--in other words, a very happy hour!

Grand Imaging Awards
Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, Ballroom A, Street Level
Monday, January 17
6:00pm - 7:00pm (doors and cash bar open at 5:30pm)
Sponsored by Canon, GraphiStudio & White House Custom Colour

Who wants to run a more profitable photography business? (Better question might be who doesn't!) Well, if profitability is one of your goals, there's no better place to get on the right track--and learn the needed skills--than with PPA's renowned Studio Management Services workshops. These classes often fill up fast, but here's some good news: There is still room to sign up for the 3-Day Studio Management Services Business Workshop at Imaging USA.

It's the perfect chance to get in-depth instruction and hands-on help moving up to the next level in business success. Plus, you can sign up for a one-on-one consultation at Imaging USA--only a limited number are available, so sign up now! (You can add-on a consultation after Imaging USA if you wish, but don't wait too long.) 

Photographers who've been through this SMS workshop can't say enough good things about how it has changed their business and lives for the better. Want to be counted among their numbers? It's easy!

hartman_john.jpgJohn Hartman, M.Photog.Cr., EA-ASP, admits that he became a photographer more out of luck than out of planning.

"Many people spend a great deal of time planning their careers, but I took a photography class in high school to fill an extra study hall," Hartman says of his beginnings. "A lucky shot from the second roll of film I ever took ended up winning a Scholastic Student photo contest, and from then on I was hooked."

His first paying job as a photographer was in June 1974, and he's been shooting professionally ever since. Today, Hartman's success as a photographer (and businessman) has made him one of the leading marketing and business experts in photography.

"My business philosophy has always been to find out what everyone else is doing and thenHartman1.jpg do something different," he explains. "The ability to innovate and try things most people aren't willing to try is what I believe has set me apart from others--and has allowed my studio to continue to flourish, even in the current economy."

Hartman keeps his work innovative by experimenting with photography techniques that catch his interest, including high dynamic range imaging, panoramic photography, digital infrared photography, high-speed sync-flash outdoor portraiture, selective focus work in the studio, and HD video. "My interest in these areas, which are not usually associated with portraiture, allows me to figure out ways to implement these techniques into my everyday portrait photography," he adds.

Hartman2.jpgSince 1983, Hartman has presented hundreds of marketing programs throughout the U.S. and Canada. His sold-out Marketing Boot Camps in Las Vegas are the longest-running and most successful business seminars in the industry. And he's bringing his industry knowledge to Imaging USA in 2011!

If you need help with your marketing, don't miss Hartman's Imaging USA class, "The Greatest Marketing Secret of All," on January 16 at 9:00 am. (Plus, for an additional fee, you can learn from his speaking skills during a pre-convention class, "How to Be a Great Speaker," on January 15.)

During "The Greatest Marketing Secret of All," you'll learn to create images that excite your customers and confound your competition, develop product lines that add to each sale, showcase and market these new styles to attract clients and keep your studio on top, and how to merchandise and package for maximum revenue.

"Photographers will leave my presentation with a strong sense of direction on how to growHartman3.jpg their business in a variety of ways, "states Hartman. "They'll learn to grow by improving their photography, by implementing marketing that works, by introducing new products that people want to own and will pay a premium price for, and by understanding how they can maximize revenue with the least amount of work and expense."

Sound like something you'd like to learn?

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Read more about Hartman here.

A published author, Hartman has also created several software solutions for photographers, including QuickMats, QuickProofs and SeniorMarketing. In 2010, PPA awarded Hartman the prestigious Charles H. (Bud) Haynes Award for his distinguished service to PPA and its members by encouraging business awareness and practices.


The Imaging EXPO at Imaging USA is the first major industry event of 2011, and hundreds of companies will be offering their latest innovations for sale. Some of these vendors will be offering great trade show specials that you won't want to miss. The following companies already have show specials confirmed:

  • Albums Unlimited
  • Arlington Camera
  • Armadillo Photo Supply
  • Cash Flow Solutions
  • ClearBags
  • Colorado Timberline
  • CPQ Professional Imaging
  • Exclusive Albums
  • Hill & Usher Insurance
  • Hollywood Fotofix
  • ImageQuix
  • Image Wizards/ AluminArte
  • Imaging Spectrum
  • Inspirational Cutouts
  • Jill-e Designs
  • Kimbra Studios
  • Kotori (Photo Jewelry)
  • Larson Enterprises
  • Lenzart Professional Lab
  • The Levin Company
  • LumaPix
  • Lustre Color
  • Neil Enterprises
  • Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
  • NRD, LLC
  • Photobacks
  • Photo Floors
  • Radio Popper
  • Richmond Professional Lab
  • Rotec Photo Cutters
  • Simply Canvas
  • Send Out Cards
  • Snaptotes
  • Tyndell Photographic

Read about these show specials on the interactive Imaging EXPO floor plan by clicking on a vendor and then clicking the Shows Specials tab. Check back frequently because new specials can be added at any time!

Read more about the Imaging EXPO here.

You've probably heard that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing again and again...expecting a different result. So don't be crazy. Try something new!

In fact, Imaging USA has added several instructors and classes that will help you discover new ways to grow. From growing your creativity to growing your client base, you'll find fresh ideas here. For example, newly added instructor Anthony Vazquez will teach you "Ten Rocking Ways to Market Yourself" (Jan. 17, 9:00am). You're sure to find something to try here!

This--and other Imaging USA classes and events--allow you to learn tips that work "with no gimmicks," as Vazquez says. It's his goal to share his real-world stories to help you create higher margins and book jobs. That doesn't sound too crazy, now does it?

Discover more new ways to grow by browsing the classes and instructors at

Business tip from James Lersch, M.Photog.Cr., API (Imaging USA 2011 Instructor)

From experience, I know what I'm usually going to get when I ask seniors, "What didn't you like about another studio's senior photos?" They usually explain that the pictures all looked the same...just like everybody else's.

The problem is that many studios just keep doing business as usual. But this is supposed to be about the seniors! It's their senior year, and they should be given an opportunity to express who they are at this momentous time. Each one is unique, and we should treat them that way in the studio (just as they are treated individually in life).

The best way to achieve this is to take the time to talk with our subjects. Get to know who they are on a personal level before you pick up the camera. I know it's hard to believe, but I remember the name of every senior I've photographed because we've made a connection. In fact, they're now friends because I cared and listened.

Anybody can take a photo, but true professionals create images that tell the story.

James Lersch, M.Photog.Cr., API, owns Lersch Photography. He, along with Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, is also teaching the "Seniors My Way!" workshop held during Imaging USA's pre-convention (January 14). During this all-day workshop, you'll learn more about how Lersch gets in the mind of his senior clients.

jwilsonheadshot.jpgJoyce Wilson, M.Photog.Cr., API, F-ASP, began her photographic career in 1961, taking pictures of children with Santa Claus for a local shopping mall in Indiana. What started as a holiday job to earn extra money soon took Wilson down the path of professional photography.

When Wilson delivered the film (for the Santa pictures) to the studio, she couldn't help but notice the oil-painted portraits on the walls. "I told the studio photographer that they were garish, and that I could do a better job with my background in art," remembers Wilson. "Within a few months, I was oil coloring and painting photographic portraits for three local studios."

The next year, the mall asked Wilson to handle the Santa portraits. With that experience and more freelance painting for other photographers under her belt, she realized that most children's portraiture at the time was "rather unimaginative." This motivated her to take night school photography classes. Shortly afterwards, she opened her studio to create "Heritage Portraits" of children...and the rest is history.

Wilson operated a successful studio for many years with her husband. Over time, theyjwilson6.jpg expanded the studio to include photography for weddings, advertising, executive portraiture and editorial assignments. But Wilson's husband passed away in 1970, and by 1984 the pressures of running a studio on her own were beginning to burn her out. In response, she changed her pricing structure and established a new working philosophy.

"I realized that I needed to find new directions," says Wilson, as she recalls making these changes. "So I began experimenting with 35mm, high-speed film and figure nudes. I also began photographing from a different perspective: 'One for Thee; One for Me.' I would do the work the client expected, and then experiment for my personal work."

That personal work soon began to reap rewards. For instance, Wilson's images of children and families were picked up and marketed by a stock photography agency. Her figure nudes began winning awards in juried competitions, and in 1987 she was invited to exhibit her first collection of figure nudes. Today, Wilson's photography is found in many permanent collections of major art museums.  

jwilson1.jpgIn addition to operating her studio and creating her personal work, Wilson began instructing in 1971. "A funny thing happened," she says. "I, who had never wanted to be a teacher when growing up, discovered that I was a born teacher!"

Wilson was soon hosting classes all around the world. After moving to California in 1996, she joined the faculty at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, Calif., and helped revamp the portrait program. And despite her many accomplishments as a photographer, she says that being an instructor has been her most rewarding experience.

In fact, you can enjoy one of Wilson's favorite pastimes (teaching) by attending her Imaging USA class: "A Golden Thread: 50 Years of Impact, Inspiration & Style"! Learn how she grew from Santa photographer to photographic artist, and learn her creative process, from the inspiration to the realization of her personal work. You'll even see the steps she's used with clients over the years to achieve visual impact.

"I hope photographers attending this class learn to experiment and create images for bothjwilson3.bmp client satisfaction and personal projects, which lead to a more creative and rewarding life," Wilson adds. "The many photographers that I have helped reach their own goals and soar in this wonderful profession...they are what I'm most proud of."

Read more about Imaging USA here.

Read more about Joyce Wilson here.

Joyce Wilson has earned The Gerhard Bakker Award, the PPA Lifetime Achievement Award, the International Photographic Council Leadership Award presented at the United Nations, the ASP Honorary Fellowship and an Honorary Master in Arts and Science from Brooks Institute.


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