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PPA Today: Imaging USA: August 2010 Archives

Imaging USA: August 2010 Archives

Business Tip from Imaging USA Instructor David Ziser, M.Photog.Cr.

ipad.jpgThree million Apple® iPads™ were sold in 80 days, with about one in five people wanting one. If you are a photographer and don't have an iPad yet, you are missing golden marketing opportunities.

For example, I use my iPad to show my portfolio and wedding album layouts to prospective clients when we meet...even during weddings. It's a great way to sizzle your prospect and turn him or her into a buying customer. But don't stop there.

Here are some more ideas photographers can use to make use of an iPad:

  • Load up your iPad with all your portfolios--wedding, family, children, senior, etc.
  • If your prospects see something they like, e-mail it to them right on the spot. (Now, you've captured their contact information, allowing you to follow up and not have to wait for them to call you.)
  • Add digital images of your favorite products to the iPad to preview for your current clients.
  • Upload your job proposals and price lists, making the iPad another easy and fast tool to help in booking the client.

The iPad is the single most important device to come along for photographers since the camera. It's a fast-paced world out there these days, and the new iPad gives you the marketing "rocket fuel" to keep pace.

(Learn more from David Ziser at his Imaging USA class: "Captured by the Light: Composing & Lighting for Dramatic Portraits.")

PPA Charities CelebrationEducation isn't the only thing Imaging USA is known for. We're focused on photography and photographers, and that means a host of other events will be coming your way at Imaging USA. After all, Imaging USA is THE place to...

  • Get connected - Mix, mingle and network at the convention-wide parties.
  • Improve your photography - Sign up for free consultations with PPA Jurors/Mentors.
  • Get in touch with your charitable side - Party with the PPA Charities Celebration.
  • Be honored for photographic achievements - Celebrate at the Award & Degree Ceremony and the Grand Imaging Awards.
  • Get certified - Take your Certified Professional Photographer exam.
  • Meet up with your colleagues - Catch up with ASP events, the PPA District/Affiliate Print Chairs Meeting, PPA Judges Refresher Course, etc.
  • Get inspired - Soak up inspiration at the International Photographic Exhibit.

Now, we don't want to "sully" our reputation as the place for world-class business and artistic education, but we think it's only fair that you know there's some partying (and other events) going on. But really, these are all just different forms of inspiration. And inspiring YOU is what we're all about.

Party...we mean, plan...on!

Imaging USA is home to many photographic classes as well as the Imaging EXPO tradeshow, but there are also some great special events that will be happening at this year's convention.

Of course, we photographers like to party with the best of them! Get the party started with the "Heat Up The Night" festivity (Sunday, January 16). And don't miss the "Big. Bayou. Bash" on the last night of Imaging USA, for it will help prepare you for the 2012 convention in New Orleans. PPA Charities will also host a celebration the night before Imaging USA officially begins (Saturday, January 15), including the check presentation to Operation Smile.

Along with these great parties, Imaging USA will also host the brand-new Grand Imaging Awards and the PPA Awards & Degree Ceremony to celebrate photography and photographers themselves.

The International Photographic Exhibit is another Imaging USA highlight you don't want to miss. You'll see images from PPA's 2010 Loan and General collections culled from the International Photographic Competition.

Plus, attendees interested in becoming Certified Professional Photographers will also have an opportunity to register for and take the CPP Exam.

Read all about these events, plus many more, on the Event Highlights page.

Get Ready for Imaging USAWhether you're dipping your toe into Imaging USA for the very first time or you're jumping in full-force like you have for as long as you can remember, you're in for a rewarding experience in 2011. So how can you make it even better?

Wear comfy shoes and plan, plan, plan. Imaging USA can be overwhelming because there's so much to see and do! Make a plan so you don't miss out on classes and events that can be extremely helpful:

Carry on, my friends. You come back to Imaging USA for a cornucopia of reasons, and you know what works for you. But don't forget to test the waters in a new class, even if it doesn't seem like it's "what you do." You never know where you'll find the next great piece of advice to spice up your art or business.

Still, some of the best advice we can give for a rewarding Imaging USA experience is to ask each other! Ask your fellow photographers what they like best about Imaging USA, what they try to never miss, what they try to bring (and take away). Make new friends and talk to other Imaging USA attendees on the OurPPA forum, or on our Imaging USA Facebook page.

We'll see you the heart of Texas!

© Victor Bruce, Imaging USA 2010Cooks know that preheating the oven is essential for getting the best results from baking. But did you know that the same goes for photography education?

Coming in early for Imaging USA's pre-convention classes is the perfect recipe for the best educational and networking results--it makes the entire experience more rewarding. You will have access to more instructors and more in-depth education, for many pre-convention classes last all day (or at least several hours). And that can also lead to tighter connections with your fellow pre-conventioneers.

"Preheat" your Imaging USA experience with the following early-bird specials:

  • Speed Shooting with the Pros classes - learn a multitude of tips from one hot photographer after another.
  • PPA's Studio Management Services (SMS) workshops - get your business on the path to success with these business, financial and marketing hotshots. (The Business of Wedding Photography, The Business of Portrait Photography & the 3-Day SMS Business Workshop)
  • Daylong classes on creating and refining your senior, boudoir or pet photography specialties.
  • Corel® Painterâ„¢ classes to help beginners and those more advanced take your art to new places.

And that's just a bite-sized sample of the opportunities available in these three extra days of education! Get your creative fire started--choose your pre-convention classes online now.

Your Imaging USA Team

P.S. Be sure to book your hotel room according to the times of your chosen pre-convention classes!

Business tip from Carol Andrews Jensen, M.Photog.Cr., ABI (Imaging USA 2011 Instructor)

Andrews_Carol.jpgWorking backwards to a goal? If you stop to think, you'll realize that it works! 

Goals are a huge part of reaching our vision and our dreams, and they are so important in creating business models (and life models) that are attainable and achievable. But as small business owners (and creatives), we have to get out of our set patterns to reinvent, refresh, restore and create. Backwards goal-setting is a tool to help us do that.

One of the questions I am asked frequently is how to create a business and marketing calendar. Surprise! Step one is to start at the end. (This "backward" planning method is often used in educational settings, as well as professional training techniques.)

Start at the End
Let's start with the ultimate end goal and think backwards. As always, write down your achievement/goal and your completion date. BE VERY SPECIFIC.

For example, I will have a Valentine's Day promotion, running February 10-14 and featuring mothers and daughters with fresh roses. My goal is 20 sessions at an average of $1,500.00, and the featured product will be a custom album with 10 retouched images.
Weekly-giveaway_180.pngWeek 1: Free Imaging USA Buddy Pass
Every week we'll be giving away special items that photographers like you might just find outstandingly handy. This week's hot deal: a FREE Imaging USA Buddy Pass  for San Antonio! Click here to enter and check back in every Imaging USA e-mail for new prizes and chances to win.

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention CenterCan you believe it? It's already August, and it's time to start making your plans for Imaging USA 2011 in San Antonio! We're so fired up about this year's photography convention and expo that we can hardly wait to start sharing the highlights with you...and now it's time:

  • Time to check out to see all the classes and pre-convention choices
  • Time to make your hotel reservations (you'll want to be right next door to the convention center and in the thick of the action on the River Walk, which our reserved hotels offer)
  • Time to map out the sessions you want to attend
  • Time to plan your San Antonio sightseeing
  • Time to start making that wish list of equipment and products (the deals at the Imaging Expo will be smoking!)

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