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Imaging USA 2016: The Parties - PPA Today

Imaging USA 2016: The Parties

ISUA_MasqueradeParty-social_1200px.jpgAre you all set for Imaging USA 2016? We're so excited to be hosting this year's convention right in our backyard of downtown Atlanta, GA! We want to make sure these best three days of the year are bookended by the best parties we could throw.

Be sure to meet join us at the Georgia World Congress Center on Sunday, Jan. 10 at 8pm for the Opening Party! We were thinking: why limit oneself to a single "theme" for the party? Why not set up four different sets to provide photo ops and costumed revelry in a variety of environments? At Imaging USA 2016, you can party with Super Heroes, snap pics of Steampunks, take a trip back with Retro Fashions and partake in the mysterious with our Masquerade. That's a variety-pack of four different themes, all of which are sure to get your artistic (or just party) mojo flowing!

This is a photography convention, right? So bring your camera and take advantage of these setups! We want to see TONS of awesome pics or it. didn't. happen.

After you've been filled to the brim with info and fun at the convention, we've got something waiting for you at the Closing Party. It's time to dance with the fishes. Imaging USA 2016's Closing Party is invading the Georgia Aquarium! The Georgia Aquarium is the Southeast's largest indoor aquarium and home to whales, penguins, schools of colorful fish, and more perfect photo ops than you can shake a selfie-stick at. Come see why this is a prized location for many film and photo shoots and why people come from all over the world to see Atlanta's finest fish tank.  Hold those newly made friends tight and say "eel" as you celebrate and document the last night of Imaging USA 2016. But don't worry, it's not'll see all of us again in 2017!

Georgia Aquarium Large Tank with Sun Rays.jpgThe Opening and Closing Parties at Imaging USA 2016 are just two of the bajillion reasons to come to the greatest conference of the year. See you there!

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