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Image Trends, Inc. â„¢ (ITI) Announces Two New Technologies at PMA 07, DustKleenâ„¢ and SensorKleenâ„¢ as Stand Alone Applications - PPA Today

Image Trends, Inc. â„¢ (ITI) Announces Two New Technologies at PMA 07, DustKleenâ„¢ and SensorKleenâ„¢ as Stand Alone Applications


Image Trends, the provider of innovative digital imaging tools, announces today both DustKleen, an automatic dust removal program with manual touch up controls for scanned images from both film and prints; and SensorKleen a semi-automatic SmartBrushâ„¢ that removes artifacts created by dust and debris on the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) sensor cover.  Initially these products will be Windows based stand alone applications (no other image editing program is required), the Mac versions will follow.  Both applications will be priced at $49.95 US each and are available now for a free “try before you buy” download at   

"When we talk to individuals that scan their negatives, slides, and prints the most common complaint is visible defects in the scanned image.  They tell us they want a simple, fast, automatic way to correct these images without having to learn a complicated image editing software program”, said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Image Trends, Inc.  “Regardless of the scanner used or the media being scanned DustKleen will automatically remove most of the image defects including those on black and white and Kodachrome images.” 

Dan furthermore says that, “The popularity of the Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera along with their interchangeable lenses has created a whole new imaging problem.  It is a forgone conclusion that if you change lenses the environment will deposit dust on your sensor regardless how careful you are.  Our new SensorKleen application is designed to easily and quickly remove the dust from the images in-between sensor cleanings.  It might be considered the “morning after” dust removal program.  These two new products incorporate a new user interface that will become the platform for new products and features in the future.  Additionally, as we have done with the Fisheye-Hemi Plug-In, we will continuously improve our products and offer updates at no charge.”

This stand alone application is optimized to be an automatic dirt and dust removal program with an added manual touch up mode for those difficult situations.  DustKleen cleans images from any scanner using any media - negatives, slides, and prints.  This patent pending technology identifies defects that are not part of the image content and removes them without attacking the image.  The automatic correction portion of this program gives the user the ability to set the Size, Amount and Aggression sliders for optimum dust removal.  If additional correction is necessary, the manual touch up mode gives the user advanced controls to adjust the brush and dust size.  The manual feature allows the user to remove additional defects or undo any number of corrections with a single stroke of the brush, which is also a patent pending technology.

This stand alone application removes artifacts from the image created by dust and debris on the DSLR sensor cover.  This patent pending technology uses the camera and lens metadata to differentiate between image content and the defects.  The advanced “Smart Brush” technology removes only the artifacts while restoring the underlying image content.   This product will be followed later in 2007 by the fully automatic SensorKleen Pro version.  Initial purchasers of SensorKleen will be able to upgrade to the Pro version.  A credit of the original purchase price will be applied to purchase of the SensorKleen Pro version.

Image Trends has a try before you buy policy, individuals are encouraged to download a free trial version (watermarks the image – do not save) from the Web site  The DustKleen and SensorKleen applications are available for secure purchase on-line for $49.95 US each.

About Image Trends, Inc.
Image Trends, Inc. is a select team of talented product innovators, dedicated to the continued invention and development of creative tools and products that enrich our lives through The Science of Imaging.   ITI licenses its branded technologies through Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) that provide products for the professional and consumer imaging markets.  Additionally, ITI directly distributes Adobe® Photoshop® Plug-in compatible filters and stand alone image correction and enhancement applications.  More information can be found on ITI’s Web site at

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