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Photography Blog Roundup: Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts From the Week of 2/2. - PPA Today

Photography Blog Roundup: Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts From the Week of 2/2.


It's already February? How did that happen?! Here at PPA, we're devoted to always helping you be more as a professional photographer. With that in mind, here are 10 photography blogs from the week of Feb. 2, 2014 that we think will help inspire and educate you.

1). What Happens When You Pose Two Strangers Together for an Intimate Portrait?
This one has been circulating the web this week. For six years, New York photographer, Richard Renaldi, has been working on an unusual portrait project. It's called Touching Strangers, and the results are pretty surprising! View the video. View the gallery.

2). Have Camera, Will Travel: 50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World
Obviously, you don't want to miss any upcoming PPA workshops. But if you really want to be more, take a look at this list from PetaPixel of 50 others happening all over the world! Read the list.

3). Timelapse: Northern Lights So Bright They Overexpose the Photos
A trip to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis should be on every photographer's bucket list. Take a look at this astonishing timelapse from photographer, Chad Blakely and see why. View the post.

4). Photos from Sochi

You might have heard, but the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are under way! Here's a decent round-up of photos from Sochi, from the weird (tandem toilets?) to the magnificent. For a good giggle and a few awes, view the photos. 

5). Alex Webb Looks Back in Black and White

The New York Times official photo journalism blog, Lens, is taking a look back at the best work of famed photographer, Alex Webb. Naturally, they're looking back in black and white. Read the post

6). Don't Pose, Give Direction
From FStoppers, this post will teach you how to make posed photos look natural. Read the advice.

7). You Have a Big Impact

Here's a little inspiration from Imaging USA speaker, Jeffrey Shaw. See why you are never too small to make a big impact! Read the post.

8). Life of a Crash Test Dummy
This Reuters blog takes a photographic look at the lives of these brave car safety specialists. View the images.

9). A Taste for Music

Fusion restaurants are all the rage these days, but what about blending into other mediums? Take a look at photographer Vincent Kessler's visit to the Vegetable Orchestra in Vienna, Austria. It's real! Read the article.

10). Landscape Photos Exposed onto Handblown Glass  
These are SO COOL. See how artist Emma Howell is breathing new life into the landscape genre. View the post.

There you have it, our favorite blog posts of the week! Don't forget that you can share your own blog posts, or others that you have enjoyed, on theLoop

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