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Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts from the Week of 5/11 - PPA Today

Our 10 Favorite Photography Posts from the Week of 5/11

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Here are the 10 photography blogs from May 11 - May 16, 2014 that we hope will inspire you and professional photographers around the web to be more!

1. Walmart Files Suit Against Photographer's Widow

Yeah, that Walmart. We haven't seen a case of copyright infringement bullying like this since... nope this one is a first! Read more on how the world's largest retailer is trying to push around a small Arkansas studio.

2. Powerful Women in Photography

This video from Silber Studios features two well-known PPA Members: Bambi Cantrell and Anna Kuperberg! Watch them discuss their careers, as well as the role women play in photography. Do you agree with them?

3. Hear About Amazon's Patent on Studio (Lighting) Arrangement? Here's What it Means for You

The announcement that Amazon has patented a commonly practiced studio arrangement for its products has created quite a buzz in the industry. Even Stephen Colbert weighed in on the matter. We chatted with PPA attorney, Stephen Morris to see what it really means for you photographers. You might be surprised by what he says!

4. Working with Layer Masks

If you struggle with Layer Masks in Photoshop, or just need a refresher, this tutorial from PhotoFocus will help you become (way) more comfortable with this process 

5. When is Altering Your Image Acceptable? A Debate on Post-processing

Landscape Photographers will find the points raised in this Digital Photography School post interesting. When you're taking photos of the natural environment, what is acceptable to alter in post-processing? One landscape photographer weighs in. What do you think?

6. The #1 Way Photography Can Change Your Life

We all need a little encouragement every now and then. This inspiring post from Photography Concentrate points out the most important way photography can impact people's lives. It may not be what you think!

7. 4 Great Image Tools to Drive Facebook Engagement

Trying to build engagement with potential clients on your Facebook page? Well, it should come as no surprise that you should be using images on your page, but how exactly should you use them? This video from the H&H Color Lab blog provides some tips for working with images on Facebook that could help your page out!

8. How to Photograph Using Reflective Light
Do you shoot using natural lighting? Check out these tips from Sigma on using reflective light. It can help you get the natural lighting right, even during a time of the day when it's not at its best.

9. Getting Sharper Images - an Understanding of Focus Modes

We all want our photos to be sharp and in focus. In this post, Digital Photography School reviews the different focus modes and how they affect an image. It's great if you're new to the industry, or if you just need a reminder!

10. The Easy Way To Write About Yourself (Without Feeling Like A Jerk)

The dreaded "About Me" page of your website. What on earth should you write? Psychology for Photographers shares some ideas that should take the stress out of creating an About page.

There you have it, the favorite blog posts of the week from your PPA team! Don't forget that you can share your own posts, or other stories you have enjoyed, on theLoop.

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