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Pricing, Branding & Competition Advice, a Large Infringement Payout & More - The Best Photography Blog Posts for March 9-13 - PPA Today

Pricing, Branding & Competition Advice, a Large Infringement Payout & More - The Best Photography Blog Posts for March 9-13


It's another week and another Friday the 13th. Eek! We hope things aren't getting dodgy for you photographers out there (but if they do, please chat about it on theLoop). Here's the top 10 blogs from this past week to help you get stoked for "busy season".


It's in the Details - Advice on Shooting for Competition

PHOTO COMPETITION: In this post, Christine Walsh-Newton picks apart some of her past submissions to show you what she learned about photographic competition and what to do to  get Loan collection worthy images. We also note here that Christine is a PPA photographer M.Photog.Cr. and CPP! After reading her piece, you'll be ready to get off the fence and enter yourself. And good news: many PPA district competitions are accepting submissions now AND when judging starts, you can watch a live streaming to see it in real time!

Photographer Brings Photography Program to Local Elementary School

BIG PICTURE INSPIRATION: 50 years ago, PPA photographer Horace Holmes, Cr.Photog., CPP, ABI, API, was an illiterate teenager who was handed a camera that changed his life. He's now realizing his dream to pay it forward and impact children's lives by bridging a literary gap through photography. The story, originally reported here on PPA's blog, caught the attention of Georgia's NPR station. See the project in action!

I Love Your Work... But How Much Do You Cost?

PRICING: This PhotoShelter Q+A with award-winning Canadian wedding photographer Bryan Caporicci outlines his advice on how to price yourself competitively. Sizing up your market and deciding on your price point is up to you, but there is definitely some good advice here to glean and put into practice.

Get Your Branding and Logo On Point

BRANDING: Fstoppers released a cool two-part series on branding yourself--something that's absolutely crucial for a professional photographer. First, check out part one on analysis and preparation, then dive in to this week's post on creating the logo. It's presented interestingly by an "identity and separate" philosophy. Read on to see if you're presenting yourself well to your clients. Don't forget there are also several branding video classes on PPAedu that go much more in depth and will help you be more on point with your business goals!

House Sells After Eight Months on Market Thanks to New Professional Images

FOR DOUBTING CLIENTS: Talk about a See The Difference case in the real world! After a house sat on the market for 224 days, and new realtor came in and knew the importance of true, professional photography. The new images went up and the house sold in 8 days. Coincidence? Decide for yourself.

See The Difference: Wedding Video

SEE THE DIFFERENCE: PPA's See The Difference campaign launched a new wedding photography video this week. Watch the video and share it with your clients to show them the difference you, a professional photographer, can make.

PhotoShop Experts Attempt To Use PhotoShop 1.0

JUST FOR LAUGHS: If you've been in the biz a while, you might even remember using O.G. PhotoShop 1.0. CreativeLive tested some PhotoShop experts (including a few Imaging USA speakers!) to see how they could handle the earliest iteration of the program. The resulting video is pretty darn funny!

Photographer Wins $200K from Wu-Tang Rapper

COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT: Yes, that's a purposely catchy headline, but it's true! Two of New York photographer Lyle Owerko's images of old boom boxes were snagged from the Internet and used for rapper U-God's album cover and cost his record label a fat stack. A member of the Shaolin should know better!

Who's Killing the Photography Industry?

DIY Photography explores that question in this post about the dying photography industry. Or... is it dying? The blog tackles an email the author (a commercial photographer) received asking for his services, but there are some glaring omissions. Read on to see what's missing.

Pinterest: The Pros and Cons

SOCIAL MEDIA: Pinterest can be a useful tool for photographers--when used correctly. This post covers the pros and cons, from what and when to share to copyright issues. Have a look!

That's all folks! Our favorite photography posts of the week. What blogs do you enjoy? Let us know on theLoop.



John Owens is PPA's resident wordsmith. Know how they say a picture is worth a thousand words? That's where he comes in. The Connecticut transplant and (still) avid Hartford Whalers fan is an aspiring adventurist/novelist/racer on a lifelong quest to find the best trails, brews and burger

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