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Grow Your Business Over the Holidays

granger_stacey_blog.jpgIf you want to grow your business, the perfect time is almost here--the holidays. Stacey Granger, owner of Life Art, believes that the holidays are the best time of the year to grow your photography business. Her upcoming PPA online class ("Grow Your Business Over the Holidays") will share her tips for doing just that!

During the holidays, Stacey concentrates on reaching new prospects and upselling, upselling, upselling. For example, her special holiday base package is only $89. "As low as it sounds, it gets new clients in the door to try our services, and it has repeatedly led to large upsells during the proofing session and residual sales after the holidays."

Of course, residual sales don't happen without some effort on your part. See how Stacey encourages them in her own business:

  • Contact clients in January--"Many busy families focus on just their holiday gifts in the beginning, so I reach out to them in January. I find that many are ready to consider their own portrait purchases during what is typically a terrible month for photographers!" explains Stacey.
  • Offer fantastic holiday cards (with your contact information included)--Stacey's studio offers a large selection of holiday cards. "We find that new clients reach out when they receive our cards from their friends."
  • Require online viewers to sign in with an email address to see images--This helps Stacey add them to her mailing lists for the new year.

To see why and how these holiday growth tips--and many more--work for Stacey's company, don't miss her online class September 27 at 2:00pm ET.

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