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Give Seniors What They Want: FAME - PPA Today

Give Seniors What They Want: FAME

Rod EvansYou often hear parents and teachers bemoan the challenges of dealing with teenagers. But Rod Evans loves a good artistic challenge and thrives on his senior photography. And he's willing to share how he does so (lucratively) during his PPA webinar, "Give Seniors What They Want: Fame," (April 19, noon EST).

Ironically, Evans wasn't even interested in the senior market when he entered professional photography...until he saw Fuzzy Duenkel, M.Photog.Cr., teach at a state convention. "Up to then, all I had seen in senior photography were ladders and numbers in the background. I was so inspired by Fuzzy's style and the way he worked with seniors almost like models," explains Evans.

With practice and education, Evans discovered his own ability to bring out the model in each high school senior, according to his/her personality. In fact, two of his favorite things about photographing seniors are the variety of personalities he comes across and the challenge that presents (a challenge to bring out the most from each person).

Seniors are flocking to Evans for this experience. They want to feel like models. "This market is looking for fame, and you have to offer some type of that fame to attract them," he comments.

The challenge in bringing out the fame in everyone is that no two people are alike, and to tell their stories you need great lighting and posing skills. "Photographing seniors allows you to show off all your skills because each person is so unique," Evans explains. "You have such an awesome responsibility to build their self esteem and bring out the best in them. One lighting technique is not going to work for everyone's distinctive look or facial structure, so learn what lighting will bring out the best in each subject you photograph."

One of his big tips to photographers looking to get into senior photography is to spend time and energy on education, learning all you can about lighting and posing for that very reason. He also suggests keeping current on styles and trends by looking at clothing stores, magazines and so on. That way you'll be sure to offer the looks seniors want each year. (That's why he uses techniques like fashion lighting, which he'll also discuss in his April 19th webinar.)

"And you can't forget to be where they are, such as Facebook," Evans adds. He knows the marketing benefits of creating a Facebook Fan page and building up senior business by being a positive part of that community (sharing your knowledge, tips and ideas with them). While maintaining a community presence like that does take time, it can have very positive results as part of your marketing plan (for a very low cost). Evans knows that for a fact.

"You want to build a fan base of people who will start a movement because they are crazy about what you do...and seniors are perfect for that," he notes.

Join Rod Evans' webinar to more about how you could make your own senior photography business more successful with a combination of senior representatives, Facebook connections and high-fashion imagery...with a touch of fame!


I'm looking forward to the webinar. I have many of Rod's teaching products and he is awesome!
-Carla Nelms

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