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Get "Wired" For Senior Success

foresterwebinar1.jpgBeth Forester Photography is not in what one might consider a prime locale. According to owner Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, the area seems to have been in a recession since the '60s. And yet, she's going strong. What's the secret to her business survival and success? Well, she's going to share a taste of it with you in her upcoming webinar!

You see, Beth understands her target market of high school seniors. "Seniors are pretty much a recession-proof market," she explains. "You only ever graduate once...and, sadly, you can't even say that about getting married."

In her webinar, "Get 'Wired' for Senior Success," Beth will discuss how to connect to the teen mind and run a business that caters to the wants and needs of those clients. From the initial phone call to the final sale, she will reveal her everyday tips and tricks for running a successful high school senior business.

"One of the secrets to higher senior sales lies in customizable products," Beth says as she explains something she's discovered in her years of business. "They love anything that is personalized--it can be as simple as adding their names or as complex as a design created just for them." (And she has a few tricks up her sleeve for these custom touches.)

Another sales tidbit to look for is Beth's use of traditional paper proofing. She has discovered that, for her market, this means of presentation actually increases her average per-client sale.

During this webinar, you'll also learn about the following:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing - reaching out to seniors via Facebook and beyond
  • Creating brand demand
  • The Boutique Senior studio - catering to their wants and desires
  • Senior sessions and digital effects - having the options they want
  • Products designed especially for the senior client
  • The art of the up sale - using coupons and incentives to increase sales
  • Price structure and profitability - creating the packages that sell seniors
Plug in on February 17th for a webinar that will show you how you can tailor your business to better appeal to teen a way that will make your pocketbook happy.


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