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Get in theLoop! Top 5 June Discussions

We love how active you guys are over on theLoop, PPA's exclusive social network for professional photographers. If you haven't jumped in yet, theLoop is a safe place for photographers to chat, share ideas and worries, and discuss sensitive topics like customer service, demanding clients and more. In theLoop, you can do that without the fear of potential customers reading over your shoulder--you have to log in as a member of PPA to access it in the first place!

For those of you who haven't checked-in lately and new loopers alike, there are some great discussion threads going for June. Here are 5 of our favorites:

  1. PPA Members: Introduce yourself here!
    Well what a convenient way to start! If you're new to theLoop, pop in here and say hello By the looks of things, we'd say most of you sure aren't shy!

  2. PPA Members: Is working for free helping or destroying the industry?
    Join a healthy discussion on whether or not those working for free (or next to nothing) are helping or hurting the industry. We're not talking doing a little pro bono work here and there, the topic is more a look into if "fauxtographers" (one of our favorite terms) are watering down business. Is it worth the price for a true photographer or do you sacrifice quality? Do their poor-quality images make you professionals look even better? Discuss!

  3. PPA Members: What place will Creative Cloud have in your business?
    Adobe recently launched its Creative Cloud which will effectively merge all of your favorite Adobe tools into one, re-imagined, integrated platform. This thread discusses whether or not members will be making the transition, and if so, what purpose their current Adobe Suite will serve for their business, if any. Change is good, right?

  4. Sports Photography: Need a FX camera that shoots sports well
    Are you a sports photographer? Or interested in becoming one? Then this is the thread for you. Sports photography is fast-paced and requires the appropriate equipment to capture those game, and sometimes life-changing moments. Join in with your opinion or just read advice from the pros on what camera is best for sports photography.

  5. Post-Capture: Online data storage
    We'll admit it--this one isn't sexy, but it sure as heck is important! When your hard drive fills up, what's the next option? Get involved with this one--as it pertains to all of you!

So there's a few of June's most-involved discussions. If you don't see one that applies to your needs or interest, then dive in and find the right community or discussion for you! Or be a leader and start a new one!

Keep that loop interaction up!

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