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Get Growing with Tony Corbell's Lighting & Posing

corbell_tony_blog.jpgWhen it comes to teaching other photographers about lighting, Tony Corbell, Cr.Photog., API, can definitely be considered an expert. During his career, he's spoken at over 400 workshops and seminars around the world. In fact, his book "Basic Studio Lighting" serves as the basis for numerous college photography classes. He's also released a successful DVD called "Location Lighting." He definitely knows what it takes to explain such a photographic essential...and show you how to grow with it.

One of the most important things Corbell says you can learn about lighting is that quality counts.

"Photographers have to learn to slow down just a little and pay attention to their quality--the quality of the capture, the quality of the light, the quality of the experience for the client," he explains. "It's always been about quality, which is the one thing that separates the top pros from the rest of the pack."

And you want to stand out from the crowd of photographers out there, don't you?

Another touch that can set you apart is "personalizing" the lighting to match the subject. "Instead of lighting a specific light pattern, arrange the lighting to exactly match the face and look of the subject," he adds, explaining what he does in his own work. "By understanding how light works and how it responds, you can be more creative than just using the traditional and standard facial lighting patterns."

Want to grow your skills with more of Corbell's lighting techniques? Don't miss his Nik Software sponsored sessions at the Atlanta (Aug. 15) and Philadelphia (Sept. 12) stops of the 2011 PPA Tour. During those sessions, Corbell plans to focus in on light quality, light quantity, light direction...and another photography essential for success: posing.

"Instead of concentrating on giving photographers a recipe for success, I'm going to teach them how to cook. They can blend in the ingredients however they choose," says Corbell of his upcoming PPA Tour classes.

Ready to "cook" up photographic masterpieces with lighting and see how your business grows? Register to see Tony Corbell and others during the PPA Tour!

In 2005, Corbell received the Photographer of the Year award from the International Photographic Council of the United Nations and the PPA National Award from Professional Photographers of California. He was also invited to join the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 2007. In 2008, Corbell spoke to over 8,000 photographers in 36 cities, including London, Glasgow, Dublin, Toronto, Mexico City, Sydney, and many U.S. cities. The 2009 year was busy as well, with Corbell traveling to London, Germany, and U.S. cities to discuss lighting and image editing.

The PPA Tour 2011: One to Grow On is an eight-city slate of daylong workshops, starting August 15 in Atlanta. Each event--designed for those just getting into photography or those needing a refresher--is focused on helping photographers make more money, while finding new ways to differentiate their studios in a highly competitive industry. Read more about the PPA Tour 2011 here, and see more of the cities and speakers here.

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