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Get Engaged on theLoop

Tiffany&, really! It's already happened once. As you may have seen on social media, two of our wonderful members found each other on theLoop by sharing a passion for landscape photography. They took the conversation offline and the rest is history. We are thrilled that Tiffany (Reed) and Keith Briley tied the knot in late August on the beach in Charleston, South Carolina! Check out some of these adorable pictures from their wedding and honeymoon! (Want to wish them congrats in person? Tiffany is speaking at Imaging USA!)

We know theLoop isn't designed as a matchmaking service; it is the unique, exclusive online community for members of PPA. You can use theLoop to connect and network with other professional photographers, ask questions and seek advice, and share your knowledge and work with others. theLoop is a safe place for photographers to chat, share ideas and worries, and discuss sensitive topics like customer service, demanding clients, and more. All while being able to rest easy knowing any potential customers will not see what you post.

It's more than a website, it's a place to connect with fellow photographers and friends! The community is welcoming of all PPA members--regardless of years in the business or types of photography.

"I came into PPA as a complete stranger [to people on theLoop], a 


newcomer with very little professional experience when measured against so many of you, and you have mentored me, made amazingly accurate and insightful suggestions, offered help or advice, listened to me vent - you have made me feel like a part of the PPA family. And I didn't expect that," said Carolyn Witherspoon, a new Looper.

So what makes theLoop so special and different than networking sites like LinkedIn? The connections you get with other professional photographers (and only professional photographers) that are in your exact same position! Compare work, business best practices and so much more! 

"Where to start?  My absolute favorite thing is having the privilege of seeing some of your work.  I'm always astounded by it.  It gives me so much to strive toward, "said Carolyn. "And reading through as many posts on varying topics as I can possibly fit into every one of my already over-jammed days!  And especially the childlike thrill that floods through me when I see that I have a message! Right now I cannot imagine a time when I'd no longer want to be a part of this community."

So why wait? Get in on theLoop and join the conversations already happening, or start your own! And with Imaging USA right around the corner, get in on the Imaging USA community.

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