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Game of Drones, What Colors Do You See?, and Photographers fight back against 'Uncle Bob': Top 10 Blog Post Picks for March 14- 18 - PPA Today

Game of Drones, What Colors Do You See?, and Photographers fight back against 'Uncle Bob': Top 10 Blog Post Picks for March 14- 18

By Aleighia Rouse

Big things are going on during the month of March and we want to make sure that you are informed on the innovative and technological happenings in the photography industry. Here are our top 10 blog posts of the week!

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: New drone photography has become a new way in which photographers are capturing those high angle shots. In this article learn how to create the right drone photo image and avoid those grainy and blurry images by using the right aesthetic for composition

FINDING BALANCE:  If there are times when you feel unaccomplished within your business, or just holistically as a person, this is for you! PPA member Ben Hartley sits down with his fellow PPA peer Bryan Caporicci to discuss the three most important areas all photographers should put time into so they can achieve their maximum growth and how he uses the "vacation method" to determine what is important and what is not.   

PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING: As good as you are at capturing images you should make sure that your self-portraits prove how good of a photographer you actually are. Check out this article by Entrepreneur to learn what your photo actually says about you and how to win over anyone on a first impression.

PRODUCTIVITY: How organized are you at home, do you know that your home can be reflective of your work and even your business? In this article by Westchester Magazine they have come up with some great tools to build a successful, productive, and organized home office. 

CREATIVE MIND: Although there is great importance in capturing an image with color, the ability to accurately see color is where many photographers have trouble. This article by Mark Fitzgerald, M.Photog.Cr., discusses the power in color perception and how common color blindness is within the photography industry. 

LENSPIRATION: As a professional photographer you know that you never stop learning. Since technology is an ever-changing field, you get the chance to learn and experience new things every day. Check out this article to find out what every photographer should always keep in the back of their mind so that they are always performing at their best.  

BUSINESS HELP: 'Uncle Bob' has become a big problem. With so many people having access to photography at the tips of their fingers, a lot of photography businesses are losing clients and potential clients. Read this article and learn from some fellow PPA members and fellow photographers about how they are trying to keep professional photography as the only contender in the portrait and wedding photography industry. 

STAY INFORMED: No one is perfect and there are something's you may not know you are doing, that aren't beneficial to your client or your business. In this article by PhotoShelter learn some great and informative techniques about facial distortion to foreground and background elements to take with you in your next session. 

LEGAL RIGHTS: Do you know the rights you have to your images? It is important that you are always aware of the legal parts of every foundation of your business from images to locations. Legal jargon can be confusing and often difficult to understand. In this article by New York Institute of Photography, learn a few things to be aware of so that you always know what is going on in your business. 

COPYRIGHTS & REGULATIONS: PPA is continuing to help their members Be More in their professional photographer careers, this week PPA's Government Affairs team was on Capitol Hill promoting legislative small claims for copyrights of your business. In this article learn how PPA is promoting the support of small claims outside of the House Judiciary Committee and even Senate. 

There you have it, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorite on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee

Aleighia Rouse is a graduating senior at Spelman College and PPA's Marketing and Communications intern. She aspires to hold a position just like the amazing people she works around. Aleighia is known by her happy personality and bubbly voice, and with over 6 years of film and photography experience, she can relate to and understand most of the issues faced by PPA photographers.

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