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FREE See the Difference Marketing Tools!

Here are easy-to-use and FREE marketing tools to help you show your clients and prospects why they should hire you, a pro, instead of a family member or friend.


Nothing builds credibility better than watching a professional in action! Now you have a dozen videos to choose from, just pick the one that best fits the story you want to tell - and upload it to your website, play it on a monitor in your studio or share it on your social pages!  Videos showcase wedding, family, senior and pet photography and are designed to appeal to consumers' emotions by showing real clients sharing their stories about why it was so important to hire a professional photographer. Select Your Video


Show your clients and prospects that you're backed by a well-established and trustworthy association by adding a PPA logo to your website.  You have 2 logos to choose from and if you're a CPP, you can upload a CPP logo. Watch this video to find out how easy it is


Show your clients and prospects the difference between your photography and an amateur's with side-by-side comparisons. We have designed template for you to use.  All you have to do is insert your own photos, then make an amateur version of the same photo and write a brief description to explain the differences between the two photos.  Add your comparisons to your website or frame and display them where your customers can see why they should hire a pro like you!  Select Your Side-by-Side Comparison Template


Being a PPA photographer comes with a lot of perks as you already know, but it just got better with customizable brochures. There are four brochure templates for you to choose from - wedding, family, senior, and Certified Professional Photographer (CPPs only). All you have to do is download the template that matches your specialty, then insert your own images and studio information and print them to display in your studio or hand out at trade shows and expos.  Select Your Customizable Brochure


Did you know you can now link a dedicated landing page from your website that showcases your specialty?  There are 4 landing pages to choose from - wedding, family, senior and pet. Each landing page highlights the importance and advantages of hiring a pro and includes a video, consumer tips and FAQs, quiz, and a Find-A-Photographer search tool.   All you have to do is select one of the "Why Hire A Pro" or "See The Difference" buttons that PPA has designed for you, upload it to your website, then link it to your landing page. Select Your Landing Page. 


We now have nearly a dozen consumer tips and FAQs that will help your clients and prospects understand what to look for when evaluating photographers and give them tips on taking great photos.  All you have to do is select one of the "Tips" or "FAQs" buttons that PPA has designed for you, upload it to your website, then link it to one of the Tips or FAQs .  Select Your Tip or FAQ

The See The Difference® resources are free to PPA members, so don't be left out! To become a member, go to


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