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Gregory Heisler to Speak at Imaging USA - PPA Today

Gregory Heisler to Speak at Imaging USA

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Gregory Heisler, Iconic Portrait Photographer, to Speak at Imaging USA
ATLANTA - On Monday night, January 15, 2007, acclaimed portrait photographer Gregory Heisler will present the Imaging USA Super Program: “Before Chips to After Digital – Making a Transition.”

Well known for his TIME magazine covers, Heisler is a New York-based photographer who is renowned for his technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness. Many magazine covers, advertising campaigns, and private portraits have received this master’s touch. One of foremost editorial portraitists working today, his drive is manifested in his hands-on approach to all aspects of the image making process.

During his presentation, sponsored by Canon, Heisler will display his stunning array of work while sharing experiences from photographing some of the world’s most notable figures. Heisler will also talk about how working with digital technology has changed his way of “seeing” photography. Attendees at Imaging USA will have the chance to listen and be inspired by one of the industry’s greatest.

For more information on Gregory Heisler and/or his Imaging USA program, please visit the following websites:

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