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Get to Know the 5 P's of In-Person Sales

kelleher_blog.jpgGood sales are an important part of a profitable photography studio. So, if you want a selling process that promises good numbers almost every time, tune in to PPA's online class with Julia Kelleher, CPP, on September 20: "The 5 P's of In-Person Sales: The Must-Haves for High Profits."

"Each one of the following five P's plays a critical role in ensuring high dollars in the sales room," explains Julia. "If all of them are strong parts of a studio's makeup, it's hard NOT to have a good sale."

The 5 P's of In-Person Sales:
  1. Pre-consultations
  2. Products
  3. Pricing
  4. Projection sales
  5. Policies

Do you feel strong in all five P's? Which one causes you the most stress? "Each photographer has different strengths and weaknesses, so what is hard for one may be easy for another and vice versa," notes Julia. For example, she says that those who aren't the best conversationalists may have more difficulties with the pre-consultations or sticking to their policies. For those who are numbers-challenged, pricing can be really difficult.

"Regardless of which 'P' is the most challenging, it's important to be good at ALL of them," reminds Julia. And that's why you shouldn't miss her PPA online class! "Once you have a system in place for the 5 P's, you'll be able to bank on consistent sales that meet your happy money place. And what a secure feeling that is!"

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